06 October 2009

Hey Ho It's Time For Abbas To Go.............

Growing calls from Arabs for Abbas to go away, I agree.....
For the first time, an Israeli Arab political party has called for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to be sacked.

Mr Abbas has faced widespread criticism from Palestinians and Israeli Arabs after asking the UN's human rights body to delay voting on a report that accuses Israel and Hamas of war crimes during the recent war in Gaza.

But Palestinian sources have told Israeli media Mr Abbas agreed to delay the vote after meeting a US diplomat, and without consulting anyone in the Palestinian government.

Now the Israeli Arab party Balad has called for his resignation.source
And this from Lebanon:
The total emptiness in the Palestinian presidential chair is a problem that has a solution; in one move Abbas can help rebuild the credibility of the Palestinian presidency while simultaneously strengthening overall Palestinian national unity and political cohesion.

He should simply call early elections for the Palestine Authority presidency, not stand as a candidate, and instead devote time to using his other position as head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee to achieve a critical need absent from Palestinian life for decades: namely, building a national consensus by giving voice to all groups of Palestinians and especially to refugees living in camps throughout the Middle East.
Now here's the Quote of the Day Award:
Mahmoud Abbas has failed his people, but he can partially redeem himself and set the stage for his successor to play a more effective role.

He should act with honor and confidence by stepping down as Palestinian president, calling a new election to bring in a more legitimate and capable leadership, and focusing his energy on where he started his days decades ago when he still had credibility and courage – by reconstituting the PLO as the coordinating body for all Palestinians source
Time to go.........