06 October 2009


Right, everyone in England must lobby against this. The British "Zionist Federation of Protecting War Criminals" has begun a petition asking Gordon Brown to "condemn" the Goldstone Report. Soon to follow they will begin pushing him to work with America and Israel to quash it in the UN. I suggest all you enterprising Brits organise your own petition campaign RIGHT HERE and start asking people to sign up telling Brown to endorse the report and ignore the foreign interests of the Zionist Organisation. Work hard,protect England, before England ends up like America, controlled by Zionists and their groups.
A petition launched by a Board of Deputies member asks Gordon Brown publicly to reject the UN Goldstone Report into Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

Jonathan Hoffman, co-vice chairman of the (racist murder supporting)Zionist Federation and a member of the Board of Deputies launched the petition “No To Goldstone” on the Number 10 website.

The petition has also been signed by Douglas Murray, the journalist and director of the Centre for Social Cohesion.

The petition states: “We, the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister to declare the UK’s opposition to the Goldstone Report and to ensure its rejection when a vote is taken in the UN Human Rights Council in March 2010. source
So get to work Britain! They are beginning to control your country already. Soon you will join the ranks and become another colony of Israel,working FOR Israel, just like America........