21 October 2009


Israel has just disproved its own case for the illegal siege on Gaza. With Netanyahu's own words he has proven to the world that the illegal siege is not for security reasons at all. According to wiki their reason for the siege :
Israel also argues that its right to self-defence cannot be ignored. In order to pressure the Hamas government in Gaza to stop rocket attacks aimed on Israeli towns
So I have to now point out that just today Netanyahu has refused to let the French Foreign Minister into Gaza. Is it because the French Foreign Minister is bringing weapons to Hamas? Is it because the French Foreign Minister is a supporter of Hamas? Is it because the French Foreign Minister is smuggling in pasta and paper which are on the “no” list of terrorist items allowed into Gaza? Nope, none of these are the reason. In fact, it has nothing what so ever to do with “security” what is HAS to do with is “publicity” and freedom of the press and media, something Israel no longer supports as was evident in this report where Israel has dropped to number 150 on the “freedom of the press” list, right next to Iran. Netanyahu admits the real reasons, there are two actually:
“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not grant French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner permission to visit the Gaza Strip. On his intended visit to Gaza, Kouchner had planned to observe the construction being done in collaboration with the French at the Al-Quds hospital in Gaza City. Kouchner had requested to travel to the coastal territory during his upcoming visit to Israel and the West Bank.” Netanyahu sent a message to the French minister saying he could not accede to his request as Hamas would likely take advantage of the visit to create a media frenzy and parade the damages caused by Israel during the Gaza war earlier this year.
Israel just proved the siege is an illegal farce, nothing more. The siege has nothing to do with Israel’s security and today it has all to do with hiding Israel’s crimes from a Foreign Minister from France and also as punishment to the French for not doing what Israel asked on the Goldstone report,, they abstained instead of voting “no” now they must be punished like Gaza. None of this is “security” related, Netanyahu just proved that to the world. But it is not the first time:
Israel had denied similar requests in the past from Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana. LINK
Yeah, it’s ALL about security, mi arse!


Irish4Palestine said...


i have read the entire article. But please elaborate on what section you are referring to and want me to respond to the article, then I can make a reply

Saladin said...

I was writing an article for the last 30 min.and then just when i wanted to send him,my computer shuts down for no reason,AND NOW EVERYTHING I WROTE IS GONE!!!!!!!!

Irish4Palestine said...

dont have a heart attack ok?

listen next time that happens, when you restart your computer, if you were typing in word, then open owrd and sometimes the documents you were working on will have been saved and you can see them on the side, called "recovered documents" then you click them and save them,

see if that works

otherwise, like all of use, sometimes we have to start again, I hate when that happens!!:):)

Irish4Palestine said...

ok i understand now. Well I do not belive it is really meant to thank you for your information. It comes across to me like it "may" be someone from the site itself, attempting to acknowledge your posts so you won't make any more because you did three already.

that's my read anyway. It could be sarcasm, but i'm just not sure.

if you choose to write more i'd tone it down a bit and go for facts instead of anger rants as when people are angry and write angry people then have an excuse to not pay attention to what is being said, if that makes sense.

I wouldn't pick a fight with him, instead of giving him anger and emotion, just give him very calm facts that are not disputable, you're dealing with FATAH so that should be easy LOL:)

how's the blog coming?

Irish4Palestine said...

Sal, you know what else?

I'd be wondering why this FATAH guy seems to be getting "picked up" all the time by Israel and then released with not real detention time, no raids on his home etc.

maybe i'm just far too suspicious, but You know during our struggle here, we had what we called "touts" who would give information to the enemy. Often the british soldiers or the RUC would pick them up as if to arrest or question them, but it was really an excuse for them to meet up and exhanged info.

nothing is ever certain, and there are always covert ops taking place. thats just how it is:)

Irish4Palestine said...


1. yes on the irony

2. thought you were making a blog, sorry:)

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