20 October 2009


This is WAY too funny! Israel, the GREAT "so called" Democracy in the Middle East ranks alongside Iran for freedom of the press. Story below. Wow, Israel is having such a crappy time lately, what with all the war crimes listed in the Goldstone report, then the Zionist AIPAC spies in America, then there was the Rabbis in New Jersey doing the money laundering and stealing body parts for Israel, then there was the UN Draft Resolution passed, then there was yet ANOTHER Zionist spy caught in America, and now this...........you couldn't make this stuff up, it's PRICELESS
US press freedom improves; Israel, Iran worse-survey

The United States came in just behind Britain on the press freedom index of 175 countries, while China was at No. 168. Afghanistan No. 149 and Iraq at No. 145.

European countries hold the top 13 spots, led by Denmark, Finland, Ireland, (Up da Irish!) Norway and Sweden. France fell eight spots to No. 43, Slovakia dropped 37 places to No. 44 and Italy fell five spots to No. 49.

The group also drew attention to Israel, which fell 47 places to No. 93, losing its place as the top country for press freedom in the region and falling behind Kuwait at No. 60, Lebanon at No. 61 and the United Arab Emirates at No. 86

Israel has begun to use the same methods internally as it does outside its own territory," said Reporters Without Borders, adding that journalists had been arrested and imprisoned and that military censorship also posed a threat.

But as a result of actions during Israel's war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip in December and January, Reporters Without Borders ranked the country at No. 150 for its "extraterritorial actions."

"The toll of the war was very heavy. Around 20 journalists in the Gaza Strip were injured by the Israeli military forces and three were killed while covering the offensive," it said.

The ranking was compiled from hundreds of questionnaires completed by journalists and media experts around the world and reflecting press freedom violations that took place between Sept. 1, 2008 and Aug. 31, 2009. The exact number of questionnaires completed was not immediately available. source


Saladin said...

I read you 3 new articles IRISH,i will coment them tomorow morning,because i dont have the time now,and you know that my coments are always long.

In the end just read this:again,like many other coments by "world power countries and their double-face and falsity,this is realy fascinanting!


Godd night IRISH,see yaa tomorow!:)

Anonymous said...

There are so many wheels on the Zionist Impunity bus and so many more that keep falling off. Today, for example, I just read that Bernie Madoff is hangin' out in Butner federal facility in North Carolina with none other that JONATHAN POLLARD.

This disclosure is worth heralding from the rooftops precisely because of the enormous lengths to which the mainstream media have gone for the last several months to make as little as possible of any possible connexion between the State of ISrael and any interference it may have run on its own or in tandem with the SEC on the one hand and Madoff's engineering a theft of between US$50 and US$65 BILLION dollars (remember: a billion= 1,000 millions), on the other. Some bloggers have even opined that the 50-65 Billion figure means Madoff's main crime must have been laundering for others and not so much taking for himself. Well, excuse me, but if a rogue state like Israel that's extremely experienced in laundering such vast sums is actually involved, then why couldn't BOTH personal greed and Zionist fanaticism constitute Madoff's motives?

Anonymous said...

The most controlled media in the world are the Zionist controlled in the UK/US. It is true the journalists can publish any trivia uncensored, but when it comes to Israel and shoah myths, they become sacrosanct.

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