15 October 2009


Israel is seeking support from "Human Rights Champions" to kill off a report that illustrates Israel's Human Rights Violations !!

No, seriously. This is an amazing twisting of facts, even for Israel I must say. This is like Jeffrey Dahmer appealing to gay groups for support of his crimes. I was listening live on Aljazeera this morning to the report from the UN regarding the Goldstone Report, shortly appeared the Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gabriela Shalev who said this taken from Aljazeera online, followed by a statement that I wrote down which has not been included in the online article but was part of what she said in the live interview immediately after the statement below:
And Gabriela Shalev, Israel's ambassador to the UN, did not refer at all to
the Goldstone report during the meeting on Wednesday, but dismissed its
findings before the debate even began

"I regret to say that the Goldstone report is one-sided, biased
and therefore wrong - just as the forum and mandate that established its mission,"
she said.
Her racist coded language above, is aimed of course at Western states, she dismisses the report along with all the Arab states who support it. Along with the 115 non-aligned movement who also call on the HRC to hold Israel accountable. Shall I translate her "hasbara" for you? Here's what she is ACTUALLY saying to the Arab UN members, translated from the "hasbara Book of Bullshit" America will armtwist it's allies and will get us off the hook again no matter what you Arab states vote for. Therefore "WE ROCK, YOU SUCK"

And Americans wonder why Arabs/Muslims don't like you? The UN is meant to give equal voice to member states, it is not meant to be a place where all countries have to adhere to UN Resolutions and International law except Israel and the USA. Members take democratic votes, it's called democracy when the US and Israel win one with a majority, but when Arab states win one with a majority it's suddenly no longer "democratic"

But what I have been unable to find online is the very next few sentences she said after this, which, are truly amazing. So I rewound and wrote it all down, because you just can't miss the absurdity of it. Note, she is referring to the Goldstone report being a lie and anti-Israel and is appealing for help from other UN members to kill the report:
"We trust, like minded states and countries, and representatives, and Human Rights "CHAMPIONS" will be able to move this forward."
Is that stunning or what? Israel seeking support from "Human Rights Champions" to kill off a report that illustrates Israel's Human Rights Violations !! Still you have to give them an award for "Chutzpah" or in our language "Bullshite"

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Please publish a link to this petition on your website and through your contacts:


Thank you,

Lech Biegalski

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