13 October 2009

Israel Does Our Job For Us

This is what Israel doesn't "get." Israel follows the misguided idea that people will forget over time. They use this logic in regards to stealing the homes of Palestinians, who still hold the keys in their hands. They very wrongly believe that future generations will "forget" and that over time Israel works to create false "facts on the ground." This same logic is used with regards to the Gaza Holocaust in December. They stupidly believe that somehow all those horrific images of burning bodies and white Phosphorous raining down on them, will fade in our memories and we will "soften" over time. Again, Israel is wrong on both counts. Today Turkey again stands up to Israel, and tells it like it is and was in Gaza:
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of firing phosphorous bombs at innocent civilians during Operation Cast Lead and of hurting children.

Turkish newspaper Sabah reported that in a conversation with religious figures in Turkey, Erdogan said, "In Gaza, phosphorous bombs fells on innocent children." He also said, "Iraq was occupied, as was Gaza. Humanity is watching this injustice from its comfortable seat." source
The more Israel tells the world it will protect all its criminals from the law, the more the world hates them. Israel is doing a wonderful job of fulfilling ALL the charges we place against Zionism and the State of Israel, keep it up Israel, you are doing our work for us and making our Job much easier. Thank you!