13 October 2009


Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport,
you will be met by one of our friendly guides

Yes, Israel has recently been awarded the "Criminal Destination of the World" award, and what an honour it is! Why they even have a new Ad Campaign:

Are you a criminal? Are you Evil?

WELL, do WE have the perfect destination for YOU! Look no further, Israel is YOUR shining new home, filled with people JUST LIKE YOU!

So, buy that plane ticket NOW, while prices are low. Soon you'll be joining in all the fun!

Do you like to kill and murder, then get away free, with never having to worry about "pesky" criminal charges or jail time? No problem-o, Israel is the PLACE for you!

Do you hate all muslims? Do you dream of dropping white phosphorous on Muslims, just to watch them screaming while it burns to the bone? No problem-o Israel is for YOU!

Do you enjoy stealing homes off of their rightful owners, so you can then laugh at them having to live in the streets, just because you can? No problem! Israel is the place for YOU!

Would your ideal evil vacation be joining the illegal criminal settlers on horseback to burn down acres and acres of Palestinian olive trees, taking away ALL their income, just for fun??? I say again, NO problem, Israel is for YOU

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Israel would not allow its citizens to be tried for alleged war crimes over the Gaza war and that adopting a damning UN report on the offensive endangered the stalled peace process. source