27 October 2009


"BIASED" and "INCORRECT" join with "PREPOSTEROUS" in the latest Israeli denial.

I am beginning to notice that there are not enough words of “rejection” for Israel to use. With Goldstone it was “Biased-Farce-incorrect-lie” And now that Israel is being accused of hoarding 80% of the water, whilst allowing only 20% for Palestinians, at a huge price and restriction, we are seeing those same words vomited up again as Israel's water authority called the report "biased and incorrect” sound familiar? So I reckon they decided to go one step further and added a “new” word as well "preposterous".

Before the Amnesty International report below I want to say that I watched on tele this morning the Israeli’s make the statement that the Palestinians don’t do enough to create their own water resources. Then a Palestinian farmer got creative and decided to build a water tank to collect rain water all year long to recycle on his crops which are dying for lack of water. Note that his land butts up to a pristine, green grass and tree lined, Illegal settlement with unlimited supply of water, how stunning. But unbeknownst to the poor farmer, he forgot that Israel believes it owns the sky over all of Palestine, and soon the bulldozers and army arrived to destroy his water tank, leaving only rubble. There is a special place in Hell for these Zionists, right next to Satan, Today’s report from Amnesty International along with Israel's predicted reply:
presstv Amnesty said between 180,000 and 200,000 Palestinians in West Bank rural communities have no access to running water, while taps in other areas often run dry. The Amnesty report said Israel uses more than 80 per cent of water drawn from the aquifer and while Israel has other water sources, the aquifer is the West Bank's only supply of water

"Israel allows the Palestinians access to only a fraction of the shared water resources, which lie mostly in the occupied West Bank", Donatella Rovera, an Amnesty researcher, said.

Israel's daily water consumption per capita is four times higher than the 70 litre per person consumed in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, according to the report entitled: Troubled waters - Palestinians denied fair access to water

The water situation in Gaza had now reached a "crisis point," with 90 to 95 per cent of the water supply contaminated and unfit for human consumption, Rovera said.
Next Israel's reply: get ready for the same old words along with the newest addition:
A spokesman for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the criticisms as "preposterous".

Israel's water authority called the report "biased and incorrect, at the very least" and said that while there was a water gap, it was not nearly as big as presented in Amnesty's findings source
Notice that last sentence? That's Israel actually admitting they horde water, effectively saying, "Sure we horde it, but not as much as you said we did" That's like saying "I killed that guy but not as brutal as you said I did"


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I don't know how much you read my stuff, being so busy n all, but I have done a few pieced on the water problem, or mentioned it in passing.

They have been, well they have been doing this for thousands of years, poisoning water supplies as well. Throw in a few dirty diapers, a dead goat, preferably Palestinian. All of the settlements are on top of the hills so many settlers purposefully pollute the water en route down hill. In many cases there is disease for those below because the water is so fowl.

Another very very funny thing they do is, many of the people have barrels and containers on their roofs to collect water from the zionist owned sky. Yes they do own the skies, btw, that is why it was made blue, to match their flag!! Gee, I thought everyone knew that!

Anyhow back to this. Guess what those jokers in the IDF like to do! They go up onto the roofs and pee or poop into those barrels and plastic container. Or, drown the family mouse catcher and toss it in.

Anyone who has ever raised a child knows, the more they protest, usually the more guilty they are of just that. Oh and there is only one, but that is enough, one settlement has a lovely big pool from which you can observe the withering lands on the lower levels. And EVERY settlement has beautiful lawns. Some of those lawns, granted, are fake grass, but not many.

According to Amnesty International, Israel's daily water consumption per capita is four times higher than that of Palestine."Water is a basic need and a right, but for many Palestinians obtaining even poor-quality, subsistence-level quantities of water has become a luxury that they can barely afford,"

Also for that water, many Palestinians have to pay to have theirs trucked in. By Israeli profiteers of course.

Remember too, during the Gaza Massacre, they deliberately targeted and destroyed the water plants in Gaza and have not yet allowed in equipment and materials to rebuild it. As a result the ocean waters, on 95% of the coastline, is filthy and people get sick swimming in it.

My dear, please read my latest blog on Swine Flu and the WHO. Make it viral if you can PLEASE. We are down to crunch time with these fluckers and their plans and there is now documented PROOF from the WHO's own files that this is a planned attack upon us all.

Saladin said...

Good day my friend!:)


Saladin said...


Irish4Palestine said...


The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank signed a deal on Monday with UK-based pharmaceutical company Galaxo Smith Klein to purchase one million doses of H1N1 vaccine.

According to Health Minister Fathi Abu Moghli, the vaccines will be delivered in December

>>>>> bet no vaccine will be allowed into gaza. Israel hopes they all die

Irish4Palestine said...

@ noor,
well based on the escrement they smeared on the walls of Palestinian homes in gaza during cast lead, I mean "holocaust" id expect this from them.

they have no respect for human life waht so ever

Saladin said...

You got me wrong on this IRISH,i send you this because i wanted to say that its a great tragedy that PA bought those SATONIC POISON,which will largly decrease number of people in the world in the long term!
"NO TO H1N1 VACCASINE!"That said many normal and honorable doctors who dont want to be a part of this satonic plan by worlds biggest goverments!!

So for the people of GAZA its better that they dont get THAT SATONIC VACCASINE!!I feel sorry for the people of the west bank though,THEY DONT HAVE A CLUE THAT THEY WILL INJECT POISON IN THEM!!

Irish4Palestine said...

Saladin, you are way too focused on the US. Listen, there are a great many meetings of high ranking European officials in places like France, Belgium Norway and Brussels, and England and such. Additionally, imagine they have to use only airlines and flights that will fly directly to the USA and not land or change planes in other countries. Look here is how it will happen. One day a flight will land somewhere and develop some problem where they have to debark the plane and be delayed, and when he leaves the plane bingo, he’s arrested. No joke Saladin, there are far too many of them designated as having committed war crimes, even from years ago. The list continues to grow. Just look at what happened when Olmert recently went to America; he was heckled and protested against everywhere he went.

The world sees all of this; it ruins Israel’s so called “reputation” it created for itself. It’s a huge embarrassment; it causes them to have to be very careful because they are wanted criminals no matter what they say publicly. It is the most damaging thing they’ve ever had to put up with, so we need to enjoy this, it’s a victory for us and Palestine’s victims. So see it for what it is, try to….

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