27 October 2009



Poor Israel, soon they won't be safe leaving their desert prision for fear of being arrested. A group of European Lawyers have worked to compile a list of the IDF war criminals who murdered in Gaza. The list is now being distrubuted throughout Europe. Obviously this "most wanted" list is important for all the European countries to have, so that should any one of them attempt to enter, they can be arrested under International Law. They'll have to hide out in Israel forever, or go on the run like the common criminals they surely are.
A group of European lawyers has compiled a list of Israeli soldiers who allegedly committed war crimes in Gaza.

British attorney Daniel Makover told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz he coordinated efforts to collect data and testimony from Gaza residents after this year's Israeli incursion and has compiled a list of suspected Israeli military war criminals that is being distributed among lawyers in Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Norway.

Haaretz said Makover's team has compiled information on Israeli Defense Forces members with ranks of battalion commander and higher, who were in command during Operation Cast Lead, adding that existing laws allow arrest warrants to be issued against the officers if they enter those countries.

Haaretz reported that testimony was collected from Palestinians in the weeks following the incursion last winter. Gaza civilians reportedly gave permission for suits to be filed in their names in accordance with British law.

Makover told the newspaper that the U.N. Goldstone Commission report, which alleges war crimes committed by both Israel and Hamas militants, will bolster the lawyers' cases. He reportedly said his team was already aware of some of incidents cited in the U.N. report. source


Saladin said...

So no Europe maybe for the israeli soldiers,but what about the rest of the world?!They can travel there with no worries.If they visit USA,obama administration will probably give them gold medals for honor and bravery!
So no roman coloseum for them,but grand canyon yes!
So what?Justice will be served!!??NOP!

Irish4Palestine said...


international law applies throughout the world, not just in Europe. So, any country that wants to arrest them can do so by issuing a warrent for their arrest if they step off the plane with they land.

In England a few years ago they almost got one, but he was tipped off.

one day it will happen, most likely in some small little country where they least expect it, one will be arrested and tried as the criminal they are.

It is already impacting them as the governmetn has warned people not to treavel outside of israel, so they must live as criminals in their own state hiding from the law

time is on our side, not theirs:)

Saladin said...

Well i got to say that i dont know too much about international law,so i will need to trust you on this one:)
.......although i canot see it posible that USA will arest the israelis or give them to some other country.

But what i know is how the things in the NORMAL world should be:all israeli leaders,military officers and soldiers who killed inocent civilians should be All trialed and convicted fOR WAR CRIMES,AND THEY SHOULD BE PERSECUTED IN THE INTERNATIONAL COURT IN THE HAGUE!!

If israel dont want to extradite them then ALL THE GOVERMENTS IN THE WORLD SHOULD ISOLATE in EVERY ASPECT the zionist state,till they colapse in their own shit hole!!

Yes in the NORMAL WORLD...............

Irish4Palestine said...

Saaladin I’ll try to explain this better. It is not up to the USA if Israeli war criminals are arrested and tried in other countries. Here’s the deal. The REASON Israel is SO fearful of the goldstone report is that if it is accepted, and then it will be open season on all the IDF criminals who broke international law and the Geneva Convention in Gaza.

If fact, any little country around the world could bring a case against any one of them. Spain has already attempted this recently so has Britain a few times and I’m sure others will follow suit. Never before has Israel been in such a precarious situation in the world wide scope of things.

They’ve had narrow escapes already. One of their leading IDF men was almost arrested in England. Think about how many young people are in the IDF. Literally ALL Israelis must serve, what if one of them decides he wants to study abroad in one of the great universities in England let’s say. Or an Israeli family wants to take a vacation outside of Israel. Or one of them is invited to some prestigious gathering again, outside of Israel. In short, they will always risk arrest, when ever they leave Israel. Imagine living like that!

So they can imprison the Palestinians all they want, but in the end, Palestinians one day will be able to travel freely, with their heads held high, whilst Israel, on the other hand, will be wanted criminals. I love the irony there, don’t you?

Here’s some posts and info on both Lawfare, and International Law if you are interested:




Saladin said...

Thanks IRISH for your answer!:)

But just 1 ex.so i can show you what i meant to say regarding USA:

Israeli soldier goes on a airplane directly from israel to USA,and when he gets there USA goverment doesnt want to arest him or give him away to another country to be trialed there.


Saladin said...

See yaa tomorow friend!:)
stay good!

Irish4Palestine said...

Saladin, you are way too focused on the US. Listen, there are a great many meetings of high ranking European officials in places like France, Belgium Norway and Brussels, and England and such. Additionally, imagine they have to use only airlines and flights that will fly directly to the USA and not land or change planes in other countries. Look here is how it will happen. One day a flight will land somewhere and develop some problem where they have to debark the plane and be delayed, and when he leaves the plane bingo, he’s arrested. No joke Saladin, there are far too many of them designated as having committed war crimes, even from years ago. The list continues to grow. Just look at what happened when Olmert recently went to America; he was heckled and protested against everywhere he went.

The world sees all of this; it ruins Israel’s so called “reputation” it created for itself. It’s a huge embarrassment; it causes them to have to be very careful because they are wanted criminals no matter what they say publicly. It is the most damaging thing they’ve ever had to put up with, so we need to enjoy this, it’s a victory for us and Palestine’s victims. So see it for what it is, try to….

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