14 October 2009


Ok, let's all take a deep breath and give a collective "Awe Poor Little Israel"..................NOT. Today is Goldstone discussion day at the UN, happy days folks, we get to see Israel have a full on meltdown for the next few days. Enjoy it because this may be the only justice we ever get sadly:

Israel braces for UN debate on Gaza war report

Israel braced on Wednesday for what is expected to be a bruising UN debate on a report that accuses the Jewish state and Hamas of war crimes during its Gaza offensive at the turn of the year.

The UN Security Council was to discuss the Goldstone report later on Wednesday at its regular monthly meeting on the Middle East, a day before the UN Human Rights Council reopens its own debate in Geneva. source
Why did I say this may be the only justice we see? Because sadly, indeed, VERY sadly, the next step would be for the report to go to the UN Security Council, where they would then decide if it is to be referred to the ICC, International Criminal Court. And of course we ALL know who runs the show at the Security Council, don't we? Yup, it's Israel's Bestest Friend the Good Ole USA. And they will ensure this report dies a slow death, just like all the Palestinians who were buried under tons of rubble when they were slaughtered by American Weapons delivered by the Evil Rogue State of Israel. So, enjoy it whilst you can, because rest assured Israel will be creating some massive deflection to bring the worlds attention away from its evil war crimes. Oh look, they've already started HERE.


Saladin said...

The UN is just a big joke,and any normal person in this world knows that!
the gold of UN is to protect and fight for big global powers and off course their job is too protect their massacres and keep quiet about that!
Regarding goldstone report,even that report did passed through,in the end nothing would happen!again i say UN is a big joke,whole important decision in the world are made by usa,russia,china and eu,and they off course dont give a damm about justice!
israel will never be punished for his war crimes,no way!!
you canot expect justice in the world that is ruled by evil people!
thats a fact and that will never change!
but this is just a begining,zionist have all the time in the world to achive their gold-total destruction of palestinian people!
we can expect in the next...i dont know.....30-40 years many massacres against palestinians till they will not exists anymore!
but i will surely not live to see that day because i will probaly get a heart attack or brain stroke,because my body will not be able to take that!
i am already half-dead because of palestine,so what are the chances that i will be alive in the distant future!
sorry i boder you with my stories,but my sadness need to go "out",at least in this way.......

Irish4Palestine said...


I understand brother. We need to write out stories. Everyday working for Palestine can get to even the most strong person.

Dealing with the never ending frustration of the total injustice and duplicity of the US/Israel/FATAH team can be bery stressing. All the while more Palestinians in the west bank are kidnapped and jailed without charge, and in Gaza murdered.

I understand

but palestine will be free one day inshallah:) And we must hope that we live to see that day!

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