14 October 2009

Our Answer To Israel

Israel urges world: Reject Goldstone report on Gaza
Our Answer: Pish Off
Defense Minister Ehud Barak told world diplomats on Tuesday that the Goldstone report, which accuses Israel of having committed war crimes in Gaza, is "false, distorted and promotes terror."
Sure it is...
Speaking to the foreign ministers of France, Britian, Spain and Norway, among others, ahead of a United Nations debate on the report scheduled for Thursday, Barak said that adopting the report would give terror organizations around the world an advantage.
Yeah, right, that 575 page report is quite heavy, could be a lethal weapon if thrown at an Israeli Diplomat.
"The democratic nations of the world must understand that adopting the report will cripple their ability to deal with terror organizations, and terror in general," Barak said.
Oh, it's the return of George W. Bush, let's use fear. Seriously, what Israel is saying, or rather telling the world is to "accept" the premise that anything goes, in other words, they have the right to ignore International Law and the Geneva Convention. Israel has decided to become lawless, I hope the rest of the world does not make this same decision. At "some" point you have to rise above and take the moral high ground. At some point you must say that the Law is the law and even Israel is not above it.