22 October 2009


The racist state of Israel shows it's bigotry yet again. Israel says to Migrant workers "Come to Israel slave away for us, Oh, but DON'T have sex and DON'T get pregnant, or we'll THROW YOU OUT" Classic Israeli racism:
Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai has said he will not grant legal status to some 1,200 children of migrant workers, triggering an anti-deportation campaign led by several NGOs.

If we do not deport them, migrant workers will continue to exploit the kindness of the state of Israel,” Yishai said.
"Kindness of the State of Israel" WTF planet is HE living on????? MORE:
A clause in most migrant workers’ contracts forbids them from having children in Israel and says pregnant women must leave the country.

Nevertheless, an estimated 2,000 children of migrants were said to have been born in the past decade in Israel
Well, someone should explain anatomy to Israel, it's a wee bit hard to put them back inside once they decide to be born! So will Israel outlaw sex among Migrants as the next racist law in its totalitarian racist rogue state??? MORE:
Some 250 families face deportation along with hundreds of children born in the past three years in Israel, according to activists campaigning for migrants’ rights. source


Irish4Palestine said...


Don’t worry yourself too much. It may be a good idea to use the one computer and save the other one you know? A lot of what they say is true unfortunately re internet

And check this out. Population of your country: 4,491,543

Muslims around 1.3 percent

So there are 58390 Muslims in your country ;o) You just need to find them is all!

Sal go here to the link below and sign up and join it, the site was created by a palestinian in exile who is a journalist. ON the site you can talk about Palestine with people all over the world including in Palestine, you can blog and write in forums etc. Never mind the name of the site, there are men and women there from all over the world. People have individual pages and you can write on their pages, add them as friends and such. It’s a huge site with hundreds of people on it.


Saladin said...

Nothing ever gets you down,ha IRISH,how ever bad is the story you always find in that something positive!:)

Well if we look at those 1.3 percent it looks like i have a chance,lol:)

Thanks for that site IRISH!

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