30 October 2009


Israel has solved one of it’s greatest problems,they have discovered the ability to stop Jews marrying Non-Jews. Yes, they’ve discovered how to stop this from taking place by bringing them to Israel on a “FREE” indoctrination trip. Where the unsuspecting recipients will undergo hasbara and anti-Goy brainwashing.
The cure for secular US Jews? Free trips to Israel

Taglit sends Jews aged 18 to 26 who have never been to Israel, on a free, 10-day trip to the Jewish state. Its goal, when it launched in 1999, was to foster the connection between young Jews, Israel and the Jewish community.

Professor Leonard Saxe of Brandeis University this week revealed the findings of a five-month study of Taglit alumni who went to Israel between 2001 and 2004. Taglit participants were 57 per cent more likely to be married to another Jew and 30 per cent more likely to view raising children as Jews as “very important”, compared with non-participants.

One in six Taglit alumni said the trip had made them more likely to marry a Jew and/or raise their children as Jews.

“This programme works and we now have research to substantiate it,” said CEO Gidi Mark. “The only problem now is to find the money.”
Now, 2nd problem; where to get all that money so they can afford to pay for all those FREE trips to Isreal from America in order to carry out their plan. Oh yes, America gives Israel 3 billion per year of tax payer money…………….

And America is in need of money for healthcare, yet it sends 3 billion to Israel. This qualifies for a repeat of the famous line from Forest Gump: “Stupid is, as Stupid does”


Anonymous said...

I am opposed to intermarriage because 99% of the time when a non jew marries a jew, particularly a non jewish woman marrying a jewish man she does so for financial reasons.

Irish4Palestine said...


" particularly a non jewish woman marrying a jewish man she does so for financial reasons"

>>>racist much?

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