08 October 2009


"I will tell him (George Mitchell) clearly, there are many conflicts in the world that haven't reached a comprehensive solution and people learned to live with it,"
JERUSALEM — Israel's foreign minister says there's no chance of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for many years.

Lieberman says it's unrealistic to think a long-term agreement on ending the conflict can be reached at this time and that whoever thinks an agreement can be reached soon just doesn't understand the situation.
Of course, he's 100% wrong. People DO understand the situation. And the situation IS that the Evil Rogue State of Israel is not done stealing all the land it wants yet. It's not done taking over the whole of Jerusalem yet, It's not done destroying the Al Aqsa Mosque yet. It's not done using Mafia tactics to avoid War Crimes yet. It's not done blackmailing the US government yet. It's not done killing Arabs yet. It's not done creating havoc and instability within Palestine yet, which will lead to another "excuse" to invade and attack again. So, to nicely sum things up for the lay person. Israel is not done yet. More:
He says the two sides should instead strive for interim agreements that would create stability and leave the tough issues between them "to a much later stage."source
Please allow me to translate this. I've become an expert in Israeli bullshit. What he means by "interim" agreements are a dropping of war crimes charges, continued cooperation by the PA and Israeli security in the West Bank, continued allowing by the PA for more land grabs, and a continued siege with weekly military incursions into Palestine to kill Palestinians, that's what he means. In regards to the second statement "Leave the tough issues to a much later date" means never actually. When Israel is done and ready for "peace" it will be when they have either murdered or force all Palestinians into exile. The Palestinians will end up being gypsies around the world with no homeland.

Congrats to Israel, I, along with millions of others around the world now have "ZERO" compassion for your entire pack of criminals that you have the audacity to call a "state". To put it mildly, you people don’t have the right to live in a civilised world with the rest of us yet. Israel needs to be locked down and boycotted until they become civilised and develop human traits.