08 October 2009


The United Nations Security Council has moved up its regular monthly meeting on the Middle East as a compromise response to Libya's request to convene a special session on the Goldstone Report.

The Council is scheduled to meet next Wednesday, October 14, rather than on October 20, and is expected to focus on the accusations by retired South African Judge Richard Goldstone, who led the U.N. commission that investigated Israel's Operation Cast Lead last winter in Gaza.

The new meeting came as a surprise, inasmuch as an agreement had been reached at a meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva less than a week earlier to put off action on the report until March 2010 SOURCE
And so what does the USA have to say about this? Why here's their answer:
State department spokesman Ian Kelly insisted the US focus was solely on reviving the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process and wanted "to clear the decks of any issues that might impede our progress towards this". source
So I think we can clearly expect the US to be arm twisting and blackmailing for a continued campaign to dismiss the Goldstone Report and protect War Criminals from the Law. And Americans wonder why America is hated? Simple to resolve, just start supporting International Law ans stop protecting War Criminals.