12 October 2009

~Poor Dead President Abbas~

Oh my, the poor PA and Abbas. It’s getting so hard to hide the crookedness and corruption these days. What with so much focus on the Palestinians and the peace process after the Gaza Genocide. Honestly, it’s getting to the point where a corrupt politician can’t seem to profit from a good bribe anymore. First we see the amazingly, stunningly, stupidity of corruption at it’s more glorious finest, when Abbas attempts to drop the Goldstone report. A most importantly awaited report that not only Palestinians were waiting for, but also the rest of the sane world. This begs the question what was he thinking? Anyhow, shortly after the fallout, soon his handlers started attempting to prop up the Abbas political corpse by offering to, get this, actually adhere to a former binding agreement that Israel heretofore has refused to adhere to. I wrote about that here. Amazing logic there; not to mention a tongue twister. MORE:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may live up to one of its outstanding legal or human rights obligations in order to bolster the support of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas,

Haaretz said Netanyahu would either finally follow through on his binding agreement to give the emerging Palestinian cellular telecom company Wataniya the band width it was promised last year so it can begin operations, or stop denying the Palestinian Authority permission to build a housing development on Israeli-occupied land near Ramallah.
Now today the PA has realised it’s caught between a bribe and a hard spot. If the Israeli handlers give him a “prize” in a feeble attempt to hold him in power as a dead President with no support from his own people, then he looks even more the sap. But now that the “bribe” has been published and offered, if it is now called off then he STILL looks like a dead President. A bit slow to “catch on” here’s today’s revelation from the PA:
Any Israeli concessions to the Acting Palestinian Authority Chief would be a "kiss of death" to him, a senior PA official says.

Israel faces growing US pressure to make more sweeping concessions to strengthen Mahmoud Abbas, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

But some of the possible concessions Israel had reportedly been considering, such as approving a second mobile-phone network in the West Bank or plans to build a new Palestinian city north of Ramallah, would now likely only do further damage, Palestinian government spokesman Ghassan Khatib said.

"This will be the kiss of death for Abbas," Khatib said.
Sorry, but it HAS to be said here "DOH!" MORE:
"It would give the impression that the Palestinian Authority dropped their support for the UN report in exchange for financial gains," he added.source
GASP.....NO.... WOULD IT REALLY???????Time for them to go, time for a new leadership that will put the Palestinians FIRST and Israel/America second!