09 October 2009

Israel Attempts Death Rescue



Ready yourselves for the "all out" rescue attempt of the Israeli/US Agent Abbas. He did what he was told by his handlers, and is now suffering from political death. So, here comes Israel to "prop up that corpse" so they can continue to use him for their benefit. He's just too good to loose, where else would they find a "so called" Palestinian willing to sell out his own people and country.......

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may live up to one of its outstanding legal or human rights obligations in order to bolster the support of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas,

Haaretz said Netanyahu would either finally follow through on his binding agreement to give the emerging Palestinian cellular telecom company Wataniya the band width it was promised last year so it can begin operations, or stop denying the Palestinian Authority permission to build a housing development on Israeli-occupied land near Ramallah.

The decision on which of the rumored “goodwill packages,” (PAY OFF PACKAGE) as they were termed by Israeli media, will go forward could be announced during Netanyahu’s Friday meeting with US Special Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell. According to the news article the move comes because of heavy criticism and calls for the resignation of Abbas after his government decided to drop UN Human Rights Council talks on the Goldstone report. source