29 October 2009


Sorry, but I can't let this one go. In Canada a Jewish cemetery was vandalised with swastikas and antisemitic slogans. I don't condone the desecration of any cemeteries. However, I found the reply to this by Frank Dimant, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada to be, well, just a wee bit strange:

"This attack on a defenceless cemetery reaches deep into the psyche of the entire Jewish community"

So, is he now calling for defenceless cemeteries to be armed? Just sayin

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

I do not know if this happens elsewhere but, I lived next to the historic Fairfield Cemetery in Victoria BC. This lovely old place is where many Canadian notaries and wealthy were buried.

Over the 28 years that I have ambled through the place, loving the peace, the ocean, the greenery, the stones, the place has lost easily 1/3 of the headstones.

Every once in awhile, despite guards during the darker hours, kids have managed to slip in and destroy most likely until they were out of strength or the guard was doing rounds. Since many of these stones are very old, few have been replaced by family because they are long forgotten. Of course there are spay painted the usual satanic and nazi symbols as well.

It is wrong, just plain wrong do do such things.

Canadians are becoming more and more aware of the repression we are under. Finally the stakes are becoming noticeable to people. And the recession is getting very very very bad back East in Ontario.

We have people in jail for discussing the Holocaust. People sent to Germany for trial. People picked up and returned to their own country despite being here for compassionate causes. People like Icke and Benjamin and Galloway, among others, are not allowed into the country and that makes news sometimes. The universities have been banning almost all pro Palestinian activities and the usual crap of antisemitism is always being pulled off by someone.

Ottawa is a very well heeled town but it surely has "commoners" who are beginning to feel the pinch.

Right now also young activists are starting to do actions in the Legislature. Some are funny but most are angry. This is not news that is so big internationally I would imagine. The government is on a push to fast run a few very unwanted bills into law ... before the people know it has been done.

One is Codex Alimentarius. Another is to make even speaking ill of Israel today, or SPEAKING FAVORABLY OF THE PALESTINIANS illegal and a hate crime!

In Toronto there was much furor over the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, something that was handled in an underhanded and dishonest way by the museum itself.

I agree, the dead should be left alone. Cemeteries should be left alone.

However, please bear this in mind. During the Gazan massacre last winter, the IDF or IOF made sure to blow up the cemeteries at least twice so that body parts covered the surrounding neighbourhoods. This was intentional of course. I suppose Hamas were buried there.

Also, because we goyim are "beasts" according to Talmudic law, we don't really have to be buried and our places of rest are just another place to destroy if need be. Yes, I am learning much about Talmudic law with this series I am posting.

So of course the Jews make a huge fuss about this. The people of Canada are starting to fight back as well. I cannot blame them for making a fuss over such a thing.

My city went haywire once or twice over the vandalism but it was not racist, it was punks out on a drunk.

But how much do the Zionists respect the dead of non Jews?

I will also offer another thought. How many times have Jews caused the damage, the vandalism, the bombing, etc themselves to be able to cry "antisemitism" for one reason or another? The reasons have included being able to blackmail citizen Jews to donate more to the "antisemetic cause", to create fear among the population so they feel so unsafe they move to Israel, and more Jewish youth get riled and move over to join the military.

Chances are it could be the last but to even suggest this as a possibility is majorly illegal in Canada. C'est la vie.

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