29 October 2009



Attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque may cause undesirable consequences, Warned the OIC secretary general. The Israeli police incursions into the Muslim Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem could lead to undesirable consequences, the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, said. "The intensification of Israeli aggressions against Islamic sanctities in the holy city of Al-Qods entails an earnest and firm stand by the Ummah [nation] to defend its holy sites," Well, his warning is beginning to come true it seems.

Troops could possibly be coming to Jerusalem to protect Palestinians and the Al Aqsa Mosque. This report comes from Mamuju, the capital of the Indonesian province of West Sulawesi. The Partai Keadilan Sejahtera or commonly known as the Justice and Prosperous party, is Islamist in the sense that it calls for a central role for Islam in public life. The PKS wants to send troops to Jerusalem and are calling on their President to enact this. Given this tiny little province has the “Chutzpah” that other Arab nations seem to have lost, maybe this will embarrass a few of them to step up to the plate:
Mamuju, West Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - The Mamuju chapter of the Justice and Prosperous Party (PKS) has urged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to send troops to help restore peace in Jerusalem.

"It`s has been one of our agreements in our coalition that SBY has been asked to be active in restoring the world`s peace, especially in supporting the struggle of Palestine,"

Hajrul Malik, secretary of the local PKS chapter, said here on Wednesday. The supports should be delivered not only through diplomatic channel, but also by sending peace keeping troops, he said. He also asked President SBY to maintain the policy of having no diplomatic ties with Israel.

"We have witnessed that the Israeli military has violated the international humanitarian law, especially when they attacked the place of worship (Al-Quds in Jerusalem)," he said. source


Saladin said...

Why is my coment on hold?

Anonymous said...

Good day IRISH!:)

The term peace process does not exist!!And will never exist!!
PA will always colaborate with israel and give them whatever they want!israel will never withdrawal for the occupied 1967. theritory,lebanon and golan hight!
They said that milion times to USA and regardless of the fact that usa will never publicly say anything about that,in close doors they already for sure said to israel:OK,IT WILL BE HOW YOU WANT!

What the term peace process means regarding palestine is that usa and eu will eventualy give the palestinians their "state"which will be a total joke,maybe 5% of the theritory,without the east jeruzalem of course!

And of course,the stupid zombies from all the people will be happy with that and they will say:THE JUSTICE IS SERVED,THE PALESTINIANS FINALY HAVE THEIR STATE!LOL!

Forget about "peace process"!!!

The time has come when muslim people finaly must understand that only military force against israel is the solution!!!

The only major advantage that israel terorists have are the air-planes!!Without air-control israel is one small shity coward country!!Their soldiers are for sure the BEST COWARDS in the world!!!

I will always remember when "great" israel army run like bunch of frightend children when lebanon army throw then away from the most of lebanon land!


2:32 PM

Irish4Palestine said...

Saladin, we need to come to an understanding here. I have engaged in discussion with you and enjoyed them. Whilst I welcome your comments and enjoy engaging in political discussions, I will not post or publish comments that breach the “terms of use” of Blogger as I will not have my blog reported to blogger and removed for publishing such comments. So your comment has been re-posted under the name of “anonymous” AFTER I edited out what was objectionable. Additionally:

1. I do not sit at the computer all day long Saladin. I have REAL work to do for Palestine, not just blogging. Some days I am online more than others, some days I am doing other important work.

2. I encourage and welcome you to continue to discuss the political situation and anything else here on this blog, just so long as your comments remain acceptable to Blogger’s terms of use. Again, I will not allow my blog to be removed because of objectionable comments which breach the rules of google Blogger.

As I said, I will continue to welcome discussions with you regarding the conflict and I will continue to reply and discuss with you, but you just have to tone it down some. We are all angry, but anger does not resolve anything, real work does.

Irish4Palestine said...

My reply:

Sal said:The term peace process does not exist!!And will never exist!!

>>>>> well the fact is that all wars end in a peace process, all of them. Sometimes it takes many attempts. What I do know is the world is focused on Palestine, and never before has Palestine had so many on her side.

Sal said: PA will always colaborate with israel and give them whatever they want!israel will never withdrawal for the occupied 1967. theritory,lebanon and golan hight!

>>>>>yes this history will continue I’m afraid. It is down to the people of Palestine to oust Abbas and any others who are willing to give away their rights. If they don’t vote for FATAH or boycott the elections that will send a clear message to FATAH and they will then have to change their ways because the people will not support them. Again, it’s down to the palestinian people to speak with their vote.

Sal said: What the term peace process means regarding palestine is that usa and eu will eventualy give the palestinians their "state"which will be a total joke,maybe 5% of the theritory,without the east jeruzalem of course!

>>>>>Even the US understand that East Jerusalem being handed over to the state of Israel is a “no go” The Muslim world would never agree to that, neither would surrounding countries. I would expect some sort of “arrangement” which may involve (non-israeli) international peace keeping forces perhaps that allow both jews and muslims to access their places of worship. Eventually after many years some sort of agreement would take place I would imagine. Just a guess.

Sal said:
Forget about "peace process"!!!

The time has come when muslim people finaly must understand that only military force against israel is the solution!!!

>>>>>Can’t agree with you there, we have to work towards a fair and balanced peace process, even Hamas would not agree with you Saladin. They would like a fair and balanced peace process. It is true that at times armed struggle is unavoidable, but it is a means to an end, the end is a fair and balanced peace process. See what Khaled Meshal says:

We seek this goal through struggle and cooperation with the international community and the regional surrounding. We want the bloodshed to stop. We want to not have wars in the region, but after our people get their rights. This is the normal situation. Our people look forward to achieve this goal through any peaceful means, but unfortunately our people were affected or let down by many of its surroundings. That's why they sought the struggle through resistance, which is a means not a need. If they found a peaceful ways to get their rights, they will deal with it seriously. In brief, our people seek the freedom and the right of determining the fate.

Hamas, we had announced, that is ready to cooperate with the law and with any international or regional effort or Arab, certainly to reach real peace in the region. Here's the starting point, and if the Arabs and the Palestinians found seriousness from the American administration in pressuring Israel to withdraw to 1967 borders, and recognize the Palestinian and Arab rights and stops its occupation and aggression, I'm telling you that the Arabs and Palestinians will cooperate with the American administration and there will be peace in the region.


Saladin said...

First of all,even if i dont know you personaly i must say that i am deply in my heart shocked about this situation and the coment you write to me!Some how i feelt in my heart that you are my good friend,regardless of the fact that i never saw you1i know it seems stupid but thats the way i feel.
I realy dont know whats the problem with my message,specialy now when you finaly posted it (and even if i dont have that message saved i know in my mind what i wrote),and i saw what parts did you erase.
So its a problem if someone wrotes that these 3 countries have to unite and attack israel?after the 60 years of israeli genocide that sugestion is ofensive or insane?soory man,i just said what i think they should do,for sure i didnt say anything that must be deleted!
Whats the problem with the word jihad,because you deleted that sentences as well?
Do you know what jihad means?ok,i know you do,thats why i am very confused why these had to be deleted.
Jihad is not the call for kiling inocent people of to bomb their homes while their sleep,or many other savage things that talibans are doing!Jihad is the call to all muslims to get back their land from the ocupied agresor and throw them away,because nobody besides muslims have the right to come there.tell them what to do and accept their way of thinking!If some problems exists in the muslim world(and of course that the problems exists,specialy with the rights of women)muslims alone must figure out that they need to change some things and improve their way of thinking and living!
So is that something ofensive which needs to be deleted,I DONT THINK SO.

You presented me in this coment like i am some primitive,savage idiot who writes discusting things and is a threat to your blog,i dont get that,but ok,have it your way.

Second,i will apreciate if you dont talk to me like i am some idiot,by using that sentence:"I do not sit at the computer all day long Saladin."-i know perfectly well why i asked you why my coment is on hold.its because this long coment that you change and repost was my 1 coment,my 2 coment i send few minutes later on your last article and you post him after just few minutes.So if you saw that coment its very logical that you saw my 1 coment which was sent before.
So the truth is that you saw that coment but didnt want to post him right away,so i dont see the reason to write the things-i dont sit at my computer all day.......

Anyways,you have great articles,i will visit you site never the less every day,you are doing a very good job,but since it looks like because of me your blog is in threat of shuting down i will not coment anything anymore never.

Good by,nice to know you IRISH,its a shame we couldnt relate better.

stay good,goodbye.

Saladin said...

Just 1 more thing IRISH.
I am not a violent person,quite the oposite,i am very peaceful and opened to anyone,i always dreamed that some day i will live to see people from all over the world live together in peace and love!
But there are some boundries,and how to be open with the satonic rasistc people who only know to destroy others and their hopes and dreams?then sadly there is no other choice but to take a weapon and fight!You canot alow the evil people to kill you and destroy you and remain passive and belive in some fairytale story called peace process1you canot make peace with the devil man!

Wards always happen when justice canot prevail,and in this case there is no justice!

Irish4Palestine said...

Saladin, I am not and have not spoken to you as if you were an "idiot" why would you say such a thing??

first let me say that when I published your first comment I was on my way out of the house, I read the 2nd one and found the language problematic to post. So I figured I'd deal with it when I returned home later. Then when I got home you had made another comment, which I felt was a wee bit rude, asking why your comment was being held back, as if I should be sat at my computer every second to publish comments all day long when I was not even at home.

Now, I am only trying to point out that you must try to be more careful in how you word things. Google blogger has "terms of use" and they could remove my blog easily if they deem comments unacceptable.

And now you accuse me of speaking to you like an "idiot" when I have spoken reasonably to you and explained why I found it necessary to edit your comment today.

I am happy to remain your friend and to continue to speak to you and discuss things here.

Again you are very welcomed to visit here and discuss things if you wish to and I will be happy to give a reply. I will leave that up to you as I have not insulted you in any way what so ever.

Saladin said...

"Second,i will apreciate if you dont talk to me like i am some idiot,by using that sentence:"I do not sit at the computer all day long Saladin.""

This is what i said IRISH,i said in THAT sentence,so its means only in that sentence not generaly,i never said that you talked to me like idiot in ANY other sentence besides that.

goodbye IRISH,stay good!

Irish4Palestine said...

Saladin, one more thing I sincerely hope you will understand.
I want to explain something if you will let me and I hope this makes sense.

War is not something to want unless there are no other alternatives, no other way. People don't fight wars because they want to, they do because the have to. But people really want peace, not war.

Right now there is no actual "war" between Israel and Palestine; there is a truce of sorts. We need to be building on that to grow into some type of FAIR peace process for Palestinians if at ALL possible.

Where I live people have attended more funerals than you can possibly imagine. Almost every single family will have some story of someone killed or murdered.

I make no apologise for having supported the IRA and Ireland's armed struggle.. But the IRA tried numerous times to get a fair peace process. They did not take war lightly and during ceasefires hoped and worked for a fair peace process.

I am sorry if this makes you angry, but to call for a war against Israel, a war Palestine cannot win militarily, a war that would certainly see thousands more Palestinians murdered, from my personal perspective at THIS moment in time is wrong because there is a chance of movement out of the conflict, but THIS TAKES MANY MONTHS AND YEARS. You must be patient, and to me, you don’t seem to be a very patient person.

So what I’m saying is that you should not take each setback that happens every day as a defeat and then call for a war, it's a process with ups and downs. Only when there is absolutely NO other option should people call for war.

We can disagree on things and I'm sure we will. But I do not take war lightly, I'm speaking from the perspective of knowing what war is like for people. Are you?

What is your town like? How many of your neighbours were murdered by an occupying force? Have you ever been in a war? Have you ever been shot at? Have you ever been imprisoned? Have you ever watched people you know be killed? Have you lived under oppression for 30 years? Have you ever stared down the barrel of a soldier with a gun aimed at you? Have you seen children shot for no reason in your neighbourhood? Were you stopped and detained every time you left your house? Was your house raided at 3AM by armed soldiers?

Here is an example of what life was like here for Irish Catholics, Irish Republicans and the IRA just so you can see what you are calling for in Palestine. Here are examples of real life. This is what people here were forced to do because there was no other option:



this was not that long ago:

here are 2 IRA funerals, two young boys from the same family

IRA DEAD VOLUNTEERS this is only ONE village, all those names were killed fighting the British army:

Here’s another town, all those names being read out were killed fighting the British.


So please I hope you can understand why I may take offence to calling for war when ALL other options have not YET been ruled out. My advice is to be patient, remember it took us 800 years of fighting the british and the last 30 were the ones that eventually produced a peace process. So, be patient Dear Saladin, Palestine will be free, it will take a long time but it will happen, just like it did here. If you’d have asked me 30 years ago if the war would ever end I’d have told you “no”

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