05 October 2009

Suddenly Israel Loves Goldstone~Offers Invite

Now that the PA traitors have condoned and supported the deaths of thousands innocent Palestinians by serving their Israeli and US masters, suddenly Israel feels all “warm and fuzzy” to Richard Goldstone. Yes, after NOT allowing him into Israel to conduct any investigations, suddenly they want him to come and visit Sderot for some free propaganda, of course, now that they are no longer under threat of War Crimes Investigations by the ICC, thanks to Abbas. The Zionist Sderot Mayor will accompany Goldstone on the much practiced “tour” that every international guest receives. Well practiced and rehearsed, we have seen this same “tour” many times. It is Israel’s attempt to justify murdering thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians by crying “Poor Us” Look how in fear we are………. I do however notice that they had to go all the way back to 2004 to find “any” dead Zionist children to parade for Goldstone. Not to sound harsh here, as the death of ANY child is horrendous, however, let us contrast this with over 400 of them murdered in less than 30 days by Israel ONLY several months ago. Additionally, I would guess that Palestine could parade great numbers of dead children murdered by the IDF annually dating back years and years, IF anyone in the world cared, that is.

I have no sympathy for anyone who has chosen to colonize Sderot, here’s why: Jews would not be in range of the small homemade rockets if Israel had not stolen the land and then colonized it with Zionists, funnily enough. And, if those Zionist children were not living on stolen Palestinian land, they’d still be alive. Their parents should be brought on charges of child abuse for forcing them to live in Sderot. You see, the land belonged to Palestine, and the rockets are actually falling inside Palestine not Israel. But hey, let’s not get confused with facts. Here’s today’s Israeli irony: from the Jpost
South African jurist Richard Goldstone on Sunday accepted an invitation from Sderot Mayor David Buskila to visit his city, which has suffered thousands of Gazan rocket attacks in the past eight years. He wrote the letter two days after the UN Human Rights Council acceded to a request by the Palestinian Authority to defer until March its vote on whether to endorse the report by Goldstone's fact-finding mission, which accused Israel of committing war crimes during its offensive in the Gaza Strip last December and January.

On Thursday, Buskila wrote Goldstone a message in the name of three small children killed by Palestinian rockets in Sderot in 2004
Ok, so this next bit I find so incredible. Most of us are well aware of the inherent blindness of Zionists when it comes to recognizing the suffering of any other people. But this takes the cake:
"Their blood cries out from the ground," he said. "There is no atonement, no forgiveness for the blood of a young boy whose short experience of life hadn't taught him that hatred and wars exist."
Whaaa? “Taught Him that Hatred and Wars Exist”????? Seriously, “hatred and war” are what illegal settlers live for, they eat and breathe it on a daily basis, and it is part and parcel of their persona. They move to these places in defiance of international law and then dare to cry foul when they reap the benefits of their very own actions? So, should I purposely run out into the road in front of the next passing car, knowing full well in advance of the danger of doing so, it then hits me, then I claim that I am the victim. Same logic. Those people chose with their eyes wide open to live where they live. Now, on the other hand, Palestinians have no choice where they live. They are forced to live in open air prisons like Gaza, where the IDF can easily drop white phosphorous and DIME missiles on their heads whenever the mood strikes them. BIG difference. More propaganda:
"In Sderot there are children who will not grow old and children who lost parents," Buskila said.
Sorry no sympathy, because in Palestine there are thousands more who lost their parents, and thousands more who will not grow old, with SOME of them still clinging to life right now, but WILL die because you evil Zionists will not allow them to leave Gaza for the critical medical care they need. Suddenly the Sderot “pity party” is seen for what it is, racist double standards, and Zionist style logic. More propaganda:
"I invite you to witness up-close the suffering of the residents of Sderot that make up the other part of the equation that you were not familiar with and did not bother to get to know."

"The entire world, including you, stood silent in the face of our children's frightened eyes. You were silent in the face of each and every one of the 8,000 Kassam rockets that landed in our city."
8,000 homemade rockets like THESE??

(note=Taken directly from a Zionist blog here) where the Zionists in Sderot are finding the rockets a source of joy and using them as “Garden Ornaments” for which they are much prized LOL:


"Elsewhere exploded Qassam rockets and parts were used as garden art"

"Unlike Northern Israel during the Hezbollah war, Southern Israel has not been evacuated. Rockets flying out of Gaza are fewer and smaller than those that were shot out of Lebanon."

"There is something slightly creepy about using Qassam rockets as garden art"

"Turning a murderous instrument with your name on it into a community showpiece is a way of taking ownership of it, laughing at it even. Your rockets don’t scare us. They’re just garden art now. We’re still here. And you keep missing the target."

(Smell the fear........)MORE:
Zvika did seem to think the rocket parts were a little bit funny. He held them up for my camera with the same good cheer as a fisherman who just caught a seven pound bass.
And notice below as they sip their coffee in an outside Zionist Café, the ADMITTEDLY “close proximity” of their location to Gaza:
"Earlier we had coffee at an outdoor café just far enough away from Gaza that we couldn’t quite see it."
So move back to Israel! Get out of Palestine..


Linda said...

In the wake of 911, a U.S. womans magazine did an article on the general fears the event caused on women and children. For some reason they chose to interview an American Israeli woman who had moved to Palestine a few years back. She complained about having this fear that if she let her children play on their very own lawn they would be victims of a suicide bomber. But she assured her audience, she conquers this fear on a daily basis because Israel is sacred to her, etc. etc. I thought what you said in your post. "This woman should be tried for child abuse". She chose to be there. Stop complaining!

TruthSeeker said...

I just hope that Goldstone is smart enough notto be bluffed by their expected theatrics.

God may help us all.

Irish4Palestine said...


I am 100% certani that the irony will not be lost on Goldstone. He knows what their game is, he is not being fooled by this

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