16 October 2009


US Representative has spoken, or should I say the US/Israeli Representative hs spoken. The US states "we are disappointed" and he goes on to say: The US is against the reports recommendations to the UN Security council and possible referral to the ICC (International Criminal Court) for alleged war crimes.

And then this, word for word:
"Israel is a democracy, with strong independent institutions, capable of addressing allegations through credible domestic processes, and we encouraged Israel to use these Institutions."
so like I said, I believe that in order to keep this from reaching the Security Council or the ICC, Israel will ultimately announce it will carry out its "own" investigation, where it can control the entire thing in secrecy. A few will get a hand slap for the public to see, and we are supposd to be satisfied with this. And then Israel and the US will say Israel has cooperated and investigated the allegations. End of story........

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