16 October 2009

UPDATE#2 LIVE Goldstone Discussion UN

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I’ve been copying down the live discussions. There has been a new paragraph added to the Resolution, added in response to the demands of a wide range of members of the council and International Community:
“Condemning all targeting of civilians and stressing the urgent need to ensure accountability for ALL violations of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law to prevent further violations.”
Then it was announced that Cameroon, Chile, Guatemala and Panama will not support the resolution.UPDATED the previous sentence was stated by the President overseeing the speakers. However I have just listened to the Chilean Rep and he said this: The resolution must be modified and we are in favor of this resolution, so it looks as though they ARE supporting it

Then the floor was given to the Israeli Representative to speak. Here is his entire speech below. Which, I must say is laughable and nothing more than blackmailing peace. Additionally I notice the propaganda is still being focused on what I wrote about yesterday. Israel is attempting to make people believe that if the report goes forward, the peace process is #1 dead, and #2 we will all have “lost something.” Never mind it is “something we never had” but here it is for those who were unable to see it live:

He states first the usual, the report is “biased, one sided and unbalanced” then this word for word in its entirety:
My Dilemma, If the Draft Resolution passes today I’m not sure that I have advice to give to my people. As a diplomat that believes in multi Lateral Diplomacy in the importance of Human Rights (LOL) and the necessity of Peace in the Middle East between Israeli and the Palestinians, What do I tell Israelis about this special session? How to explain that politics, domestic agendas, and in some cases, sheer cynicism have won out. That the real issues facing Israel’s decision makers, how to move forward and try to make peace, while protecting the people of Israel from read and present “danger” just do not interest a majority of the members of this council.

That this body, and the report it would endorse, offer no solution to fighting against “terrorists” (look n the mirror) for Democracies that try to ask the right questions, but are forced to act in self defence.

Many “honourable” colleagues (America)stated clearly this weeks meeting should not have taken place and we ALL know it would not have, had any country other than Israel been involved.

All of us understand the “cynicism” of “many” here today.(Palestinians who want justice!) WE understand that a real discussion of Human Rights or even the nuances of Justice Goldstone’s problematic report is not the real matter or our agenda this week.

After two days of a discussion about my region, there remains one pragmatic question to ask; (here comes the blackmail) Do you support the promotion of peace between Israel and the Palestinians? If you “do”, if you “really” would like to see the building of “trust” (that’s rich!) and dialogue between the sides. If you would like to see the Israeli’s and Palestinians gain the confidence to take “risks” (steal more land) If you would like to see “improvements” on the ground for “all” sides. (Where have the “improvements” been before Goldstone, one would wonder?) If you want to see the “moderates” (US and Israel backed Abbas agents) in the region gain ground and reject “extremism” (anyone who resists being an Israeli slave) then you MUST reject today’s proposal.
I just have to say, I find it stunning, that suddenly Israel is talking about all of these “so called” things that will now be “lost” due to endorsement of Goldstone’s report. So, where were they before? Nothing was on the table from Israel; no concessions have been made to Palestine OR Obama. So just what WERE these big important things that will suddenly now be lost due to endorsement of the report. The answer is we loose nothing, because you first have to actually “have” something in order to loose it. And we had nothing! In fact, we actually GAIN something from this report. We gain a long awaited situation where Israel is forced to answer to its long history of war crimes. An open door where for once it is Israel on the hot seat having to explain itself legally to the world, in public, for all to see and hear, Finally!

Will post the votes when I have them check back at this url http://irish4palestine.blogspot.com for more updates:


cataurocubano said...

Did you forgot about Cuba? Always in solidarity with Palestina?

Irish4Palestine said...

I would never forget Cuba:) Viva Cuba!!

We love Cuba over here:) They always support the right people

cataurocubano said...

yes for this reason we are friend since the first touch at Palestine's Mothers...remember maria ?

Irish4Palestine said...

sí, ¿cómo estás?
mi español es horrible LOL

Irlanda y Cuba comparten una gran amistad

Palestina será libre

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