22 October 2009

'Zionist Muslim' and his Frightening Fatwa

Here's a great read from a good friend,Palestinian Journalist Iqbal Tamimi

The 'Zionist Muslim' and his Frightening Fatwa
How can a journalist become a traitor to his country should he defends the human rights of a nation under occupation somewhere thousands of miles away? This is another example of how Zionists are seeking to ignite hatred, notes Iqbal Tamimi.

Almost every journalist who is doing a great job as an activist for human rights would have received threats and silly comments.

The worst of all threats on the net are the amateur Zionists who are employed to cause havoc but still make me laugh every single day when they expose very little knowledge of the playground where they are trying to score a goal amongst professionals.

The latest of their hilarious attempts that forced me to indulge in giggling for longer than I usually do, is the threatening letter or ‘ fatwa’ they have issued against the British journalist Stuart Littlewood, who himself seems to fall in the trap of believing this was really a fatwa.
Of course the Zionist gang this time thought of catching more than two birds in one stone, as a matter of fact they thought of capturing a flock in one stone since they knew how people in the West are frightened of an illusionary enemy called Islam, and knowing that the word Fatwa - no thanks to terrorists and misinforming media sources- is twinned in our minds with chopping heads and arms and no legal system or procedures, and the fact that UK is simmering with a new wave of discrimination created by a racist group that has been trying to cause trouble since few months, the same gang that demonstrated in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago calling for kicking out Muslims from UK and waving the Israeli flags.

Stewart published a post about the silly fatwa, where he wrote about few silly things that happened on the political arena when it comes to the Middle East, but the most entertaining story was a fatwa against him. You can read the full article here.

The so called ‘fatwa’ came under the heading ‘COALITION AGAINST PALESTINIAN WAR CRIMES’ and to make it look more serious and official it has been given a file number and reference.

This is cool guys, fatwas are modernised now, it’s not enough that anyone can give himself the right to issue a fatwa, they are trying to offer such childish threats a 21st century facelift, the fatwas which used to take years to be issued after having to go through so many filters of studies and serious invistigating by scholars are now available take away, and you can even order them online. This is what I call modernization of the Zionist tactics of terror.

Just for the sake of clarity the fatwa against Stewart held the reference ‘File No. TG-4617’ which means there has been something like 4616 fatwas before Stewart’s, this is re assuring guys, the people have implemented a conveyor belt adapting fatwas to the ever progressing needs of the scientific development of the modern world, and fatwas can be produced now faster and tailored to fit any mouth needed to be silenced.

Now to the next silly part of the fatwa that has been sent to Stewart, it says that ‘A fatwa has been issued against you by the World Muslim Zionist Organization in Dhaka’. God how I love these guys, I was bored with all the comedy shows on TV, I thought we ran out of the good script writers. Nothing to stretch our smiles a little bit further to show a tooth or two, and here we are after my despair I discover at there are still people of a different kind of sense of humour.
The idea of this fatwa is something so clever that Satan himself would not have been even creative enough to bring it up, how did they manage to mix and match and create a matrimonial bond between Islam and Zionism? I bit they presume that no one reads, or they might have relied on the fact the word Islam rings the alarm bell any way, they had conjured the secret formula for hatred by combining words like Islam, fatwa, and adding the name of Dhaka as a place where there are no control on creating the so called organisations. As a matter of fact the list of fabricated names of organisations is getting much bigger than the list of names of the population.

Now the tricky bit, what Stewart has been accused of in this so called fatwa by the Muslim Zionists claim ‘ It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are one of the world's top Jew-haters, with an extensive history of collaboration with the Palestinian war criminals in Gaza and Ramallah’. Let me try to explain what my brain is refusing to swallow, A group of fanatic Muslim ‘Zionists’ are accusing a British journalist of collaborating with war criminals in Gaza and Ramallah, did they mean Israeli war criminals? The ones who have been just found guilty of war crimes by the UN? I guess the PR of this so called organization is not doing a good job. Besides why on earth a Zionist organisation would choose a Muslim majority city for its headquarters? Aren’t they worried since they are Zionists that Muslims might cause them harm? Oh ..sorry I have forgotten that they are a Zionist Muslim organisation.

Things will get better, the source of the so called fatwa ‘calls on jurists, NGOs and governments to immediately take all the necessary measures to have you ( Stewart) incarcerated as a traitor to the British people’. Oooh this is a big progress, as far as I know Muslims who are accused of manufacturing such threatening fatwa do the chopping jobs themselves, they have no respect to jurists, NGOs or governments, and it hurts their dignity bad that others should do the job on their behalf especially if they were Westerners, is this a schizophrenic kind of organisation or what?. Besides what has the British people got to do with this issue, and how can a journalist become a traitor to his country should he defends the human rights of a nation under occupation somewhere thousands of miles away. This is another example of an extra bird they aimed to catch using the same stone; they are igniting the hatred of the people in UK against one of their own citizens. Are they trying to smear Muslims here or they are accusing the British people of ignorance and stupidity?

Now the best part of this show comes when whoever wrote the fatwa says ‘ Other procedures are stipulated, including the application of the Sharia laws to disloyal individuals like you who emanate from the People of the Christian Book and live in the Dar al-Harb’.

That’s big talk boys, other procedures? How many do you have? They are threatening of ‘Applying of the Sharia law’. Where if I may ask?... in UK or they want to ship Stewart to Dhaka? Just few lines earlier they said they want NGOs, jurists, and governments to deal with naughty Stewart, then they call poor Stewart ‘ disloyal’ I wonder what they meant by that, disloyal to whom, I mean they are supposed to be living in Dhaka and fighting for the rights of the ‘ Zionist Muslims’ so what does that got to do with a British citizen? The puzzle is getting more and more complicated but it is hilariously funny. What has the Christian book got to do with this issue? besides using terms like 'Dar al-Harb' which happens to be a very ancient Arabic expression not in use since centuries, what has brought the Arabic language in the middle of a fatwa produced in Dhaka...is it another bird they are trying to catch as well? lets see... they want to catch the Muslim bird, the British journalists who dares to expose the Zionist Israeli atrocities' bird, the discrimination bird, the tolerence bird, the Arabs' bird, the bird of a third world Muslim country that is struggling on many fronts, and the British citizen's bird who were misinformed and terrorized by the ever inflating terrorism illusion.

One gets a headache in this conundrum, they are threatening Stewart by legal and illegal means, they are Muslims yet Zionists, they want others to punish him yet they issue a fatwa that nobody gives a toss about, then they accuse him of being a traitor not to the Zionists, not to Muslims, but a traitor of the British people.

They tailed their statement by saying ‘ As an NGO, we will do our part to bring you, the kuffir, to justice’.

I will not say anything about them calling themselves an NGO and weather they are registered or not, or have they ever been invited to any conference at all with other NGOs? I was just amused by the writing and the structure of their sentences since they want to bring Stewart ‘ the kuffir’ to justice.

Should any of ‘them’ know anything about Islam as those clowns claim, they surly know there is no word like ‘ kuffir’ can in any way fit here and not under any kind of restructured grammars, they might have wanted to say ‘ Kafir’ but since they are not Muslims, and know nothing about Islam, and they anticipate that Stewart does not know enough about such terms as well they thought of spooking him with a ‘ Bo’ message to frighten him away.

I just loved the way they ended their letter of threats as they told Stewart ‘A copy of this letter has been handed to the Home Secretary. It is also being sent to Interpol and deposited with the UK Council of Imams. We have been promised an investigation by MI6 which may entail the seizure of your computer files’.

Goodness, So they do know the Home Secretary after all, yet they did not mind threatening a British citizen and give away their address. I must say if the Interpol were send a copy of this letter as they claimed it might prove to be a good source of entertainment, since they are not used to getting letters from terrorists who threaten British citizens, that if they have really sent such letter, I am sure they will blame the post office and the strike of the workers for the undelivered letter. And by the way there is no ‘UK Council of Imams’. They have spoiled our fun by forgetting ‘on purpose’ to tell us who promised them that M16 is going to investigate their ‘fatwa’ and seize the computer of the old poor Stewart? The poor guys suffer the illusion that UK is like Dhaka.

Iqbal Tamimi is a Palestinian journalist and poet from Hebron. She is the creator of the vibrant activists' network Palestinian Mothers.


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Anonymous said...

Irish nurses to give the "swine flu" jab as GPs opt out

Doctors in Berlin refuse to give "swine flu" jab

Swiss government says kids and pregnant women should not take "swine flu" jab with adjuvant after protests

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French government unveils "swine flu" jab coupons: tool for population selection

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See letter to David Rockefeller

TruthSeeker said...

Have you ever laughed so loudly and wildly that you started to have cramps in your abdomen, and had to hold it with both hands, but still could not help not falling on the floor' rolling over and air-kicking with your legs while your eyes were brimming with tears.

I did after I’ve read this article, and my 21-year old son caught me red-handed. When I let him read the article, he burst out laughing intermittingly like a hyena.

And you know what; you’re the master of sarcasm when it is required.

Whom, those idiots think they are going to deceive by using some specific Arabic words?

You cleverly covered it all with contagious bursts of cynicism throughout he whole articles.

nahla abu nesrallah said...

These Muslim zionists are active in the USA and Banladesh.v They are affiliated with the powerful organization known as Arabs for Israel. It is rumoured that they may be training suicide bombers against Palestinian Muslims.

sonja karkar said...

We Palestinians like Iqbal Tamimi have the bad habit of laughing at our enemies. I want Iqbal to know that the fanatics in the World Muslim Zionist Organization and the Coalition Against Palestinian War Crimes are deadly serious. We must stop their terrorizing our British supporters. To do this, we must wage jihad against them using all means possible, including the fatwa that is halal.

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