09 October 2009

Zionists Go After Galloway Again

Thou Shalt Not Help Those People

Jew Weekly, or Weekly Jew, whatever, is reporting this farce, again here's the Zionists clutching at straws. Notice how it's always "A-Ok" for Zionists to have multiple large borg groups on every campus worldwide spreading hasbara. Yet when a small group of people at California UC, some of whom evidently were.........Shhhhh, "Muslims" GASP!!! had the audacity to collect donations from consenting adults over 18 years of age for Humanitarian Aid via the Viva Palestina group headed by George Galloway, I presume for his next Aid convoy in December. Why what happens next? The Zionist Organisation of America goes postal and cries "No Fair" and when THAT does not work they then attempt to link the money to Hamas. God these people really need to "get a life"
A Jewish group called on federal authorities to probe U.C. Irvine students for allegedly raising funds for Hamas.

In a letter dated Oct. 2, the Zionist Organization of America urged the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the students over suspicions that they collected money for the Palestinian terrorist group.

According to ZOA, members of the Muslim Union of Students solicited money for a charity called Viva Palestina at a rally held May 21 dubbed “Israel: The Politics of Genocide.” The charity, founded by British leftist politician George Galloway, who headed the rally on the Irvine campus, has been accused of directly aiding Hamas.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I know it is bad but I know have a very distinct attitude towards these people now.

I hear stuff like this and my reaction is simple.

"who the hell gives a sweet f*ck?" I truly don't give a sweet goddam about any of their ideas any more. They have killed any care or concern in my heart long ago.


And I think if enough of us gained that attitude they would end up like the bully they are, sitting on the ground crying because no one is paying them attention.

As for Georgeous George. He has more manhood in his baby fingernail than the whole lot of them put together!

Allah bless him.

faceless said...

I agree with everything you've written except for the opening line - if you'd written 'Paki Weekly' it would have been just as insulting.

Don't give the Zionists ammunition to shoot you with...

all the best from Glasgow

Irish4Palestine said...

Cheers Faceless

I understand your point. The publication is Jewish Weekly, I shortened it to Jew Weekly the pun was intended. They will have my respect when they earn it by exhibiting some human traits like the rest of us.

btw I love Glasgow, brilliant place!

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