09 October 2009

Al-Aqsa~Goldstone~Israel~Obama and the Jewish Lobby

I came across this excellent read. I must say that I cannot find any fault or disagreement with the writer, except for his comments regarding Obama, which I would argue on:
Ayoon Wa Azan (Forget About It, People)

I want to say once again: forget about it, people. There can be no peace with the fascist government in Israel that desecrates the Holy Mosque, and that cuts up the West Bank and confiscates Palestinian homes in Jerusalem. It is enough to hear the statements of the Israeli terrorists and read their newspapers in fact, to realize that peace with them is an impossible matter. They now want to take over the Holy Mosque [Al-Aqsa]

I also read that Sheikh Raed Salah was arrested on charges of incitement before being subsequently released, and that seven of the rioters were arrested. Also, Hatem Abdul Qader from Fatah and Kamal al-Khatib from Hamas were deported from Jerusalem for a period of 15 days each, which means that an Israel court brought Fatah and Hamas together like no one did from the two groups themselves.

Meanwhile, Nasser Judeh, the Jordanian foreign minister, provoked the Israelis by delivering a note of protest to the Israeli ambassador in Amman regarding the incidents at the Holy Mosque, and because he reached “the extent of” summoning the ambassadors of the five permanent members of the Security Council to express Jordan’s official protest against these incidents.

I want to ask here, do they want to have the right to prevent an Arab minister to meet with ambassadors to his own country? One of the Israeli newspapers then quoted the Prime Minister of the dismissed government in Gaza Dr. Ismail Haniyeh as saying: “What is happening on the “Temple Mount” is a war... our brothers from East Jerusalem and northern occupied Palestine are bodily blocking the Zionist occupation forces”, a statement which the newspaper claimed it “fuelled the flames”. The same words were then used against the Palestinian National Authority the next day.

Here, I want to say that the existence of Israel and its plainly seen crimes are enough provocation. Also, Dr. Haniyeh said “the Holy Mosque”, and did not say “the temple mount”, as the newspaper claimed. It should be mentioned here that the Holy Mosque is an existing structure, but that the Solomon temple is nothing but a religious myth just like its namesake, and that Fatah and Hamas disagree on everything except on the subject of the Holy Mosque.

Furthermore, I read about a plan to build 14,000 housing units in the area of the Arab village of Wallajah in southeast Jerusalem, which was brought for approval to the Interior Ministry's District Planning Committee. This new settlement will be called Givat Yael, and is expected to house approximately 40,000 Jewish settlers. Newspapers also said that in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, tensions are high as Israelis are seizing the homes of Palestinians, and also in Shu’fat. Yesterday, the first stone was laid for another settlement in the heart of Jerusalem.

There was also a lot of talk about Hamas and its role in the incitement against Israel, and I read that Hamas was trying to compensate for the damage it had incurred during the Gaza war and in order to embarrass the moderate Arab states.

If Hamas had indeed incurred damage in the Gaza war, then Israel suffered greater damage because it achieved nothing from the invasion except killing women and children, which must have been a goal for the fascistic government and the war criminals in the Israeli army in the first place. While there could be some moderate Arab states, there aren’t any moderate Arab peoples, since the Israeli crimes had obliterated moderation in the region and in all Muslim countries.

From the wickedness of the state of Israel, its leaders and its newspapers, I move on to the wickedness of the U.S Congress, or the land occupied by Israel as the commentator Pat Buchanan once said. I give credit for the following information to Brother James Zogby, chairman of the Arab-American institute in Washington, and which was originally published in an article written by him.

Representative Gary Ackerman (a democrat from New York) accused Judge Richard Goldstone of inhabiting a "self righteous fantasy-land”, and called the report "biased against Israel from the very beginning". I want to say here that Ackerman is biased against the United States and represents the state of Israel instead, in the House of Representatives.

Representative Dan Burton (a Republican from Indiana) said that the Human Rights Council was "despot controlled", and categorically rejected the Goldstone report. I say that he is an advocate for Israeli tyranny in the occupied lands. Representative Todd Tiahart (a Republican from Kansas) claimed the Human Rights Council was "dominated by anti-democratic and anti-Semitic nations", and I say that this is because his extremism encourages the fascist government in Israel in causing further anti-Semitism against Jews around the world, although the majority of them want peace.

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Republican from Florida) attacked the entire United Nations, which she said is "where the inmates run the asylum". I will not say that the insane American representatives run the asylum on Capitol Hill, because insanity exempts them from liability for their actions while they are nothing but agents of the Israel lobby, and pawns in its pocket, working against the interests of the United States itself.

The Lobby (AIPAC) in fact gathered the signatures of 32 Senate members for an anti-Goldstone report letter, urging President Obama to work very hard to block any punitive action against Israel. I say here that the lobby is only trying to ensure that Israel continues committing crimes with American protection.

People, forget about it. There will be no peace with the terrorist fascistic government in Israel, whether by negotiations as in the Fatah method, or whether by confrontation as Hamas is doing. President Obama, despite his good intentions and determination, will not win a war against Israel, its agents in the Congress and the American media no matter how hard he and we try. source

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