26 November 2009

21st Century Nazi's vs 21st Century Jews

What do 9-11 and the Holocaust have in common? I’ll tell you; after both atrocities, the victims did not use the lessons learned to go out into the world and change it for the better. Instead, they used their “victim-hood” status to run roughshod over lesser people and behave as worldwide thugs, invading countries and oppressing people around the globe and even in their own back yards. You’d think that all that goodwill towards the Jews after World War 2 and the Americans after 9-11 wouldn’t have been squandered, but it was.

Let’s take the Jews for example, it could have ALL been different for them today. They could have been loved worldwide instead of loathed as the 21st century Nazi’s and Neanderthal oppressors of an apartheid statelet. They could have been shining examples of good and decency, around the world. Just imagine this; what if they had decided to take what happened to them, and use it as a force of good, to say loudly and clearly that genocide would never happen to them OR anyone else in this world.

That no one should ever have to suffer like they did. And to then go out into the world and be the champion of other victims as a worldwide advocate to all victims of suffering and oppression. Be a voice for the oppressed, fight for the rights of others who are also disadvantaged. They could have become the worldwide spokespeople for the oppressed in this world. They could have been respected and loved, instead of feared and not trusted. The word “Jew” would have conjured up goodness, caring, empathy, hope, a Ghandi-esque persona of love for the world's people. And with the huge amounts of money they have raised over the years, they could have used that to stamp out racism and oppression in the world, for ALL the worlds people. Ensuring everyone was treated with respect, dignity and equality, to ensure no one ever suffered under a genocidal regime hell bent on stamping out an entire race of people. “Never Again” would have applied to all of us…….

They could have stood up against apartheid regimes like in South Africa, instead of actually funding and arming the white South African oppressors, they could have become shining beacons of good in this world. So that today the majority of the worlds population would not see them as untrustworthy phoney perpetual victims, dishonest vultures, land grabbers, political bribing, political spying, illegal organ selling, government controlling, illegal land grabbing, hidden nuclear weapons, UN resolution breaking, war mongering people who live and promote openly an apartheid state and are DAMN proud of it! They could have been “Heros” instead of “Zeros” What a different world we would have today, if only. But instead they have become the exact evil they once fought against.

There have been so many similarities between what the Nazi’s did to the Jews and what the Jews are now doing to the Palestinians. But I just came across yet another one worth mentioning simply due to the irony of the whole thing. In Germany, a 95 year old former Olympic athlete who was banned from competition by the Nazi’s has now been “recognized.” And when interviewed about the “bad ole days” she said this:
link "It was terrible for Jews. We were completely outcast and I couldn't even go into a stadium as a spectator. There was no place for me to train."
So we have a Jewish athlete unable to train because she is discriminated against by an evil nazi state, made to live as a 2nd class citizen in her own country of Germany. Unable to pursue her training or compete in the sporting events she dreamed of. Now flash forward from World War 2 to November 2009 shall we? And let us see if the Jews learned anything from how she was once treated:
link Work on a football stadium being built in the West Bank, and financed by the international football federation FIFA, has been stopped.

The Israeli government says the almost-completed stadium may have to be demolished, as the correct permission had not been issued for its construction. This is despite a formal approval of the constuction of the stadium, issued by the Israeli (NAZI)military in 1981.

The Palestinian stadium is a project developed to bring some hope to the impoverished and besieged West Bank population, particularly younger generations. Its development is a joint effort by FIFA and several governments including France and Germany.

Construction of the stadium began more than 3 years ago. The final stage, the erection of the stands, began in February this year. The stadium is just three weeks from completion.

Israel has long been accused of obstructing Palestinians from representation and participation in international sports, which critics say is to deny Palestinian national identity. (It is a worldwide travesty for the Jews to be denied the chance to compete and play sports in World War II, but today tehy do this to Palestinians and see nothing wrong with it)

In March 2006 Israel bombed the Palestine Football Stadium in Gaza, leaving a massive crater in the middle of the pitch. The FIFA stepped in and paid for the cost of restoring it. "In the world of today, which is disrupted by long-lasting disputes and violence, football is one of the very few universal tools mankind can use to bridge gaps between nations and peoples, and to symbolise what unites our planet over what divides it. FIFA's role is not to reprimand, but to help create bonds and ensure that the young people of the region have hope and the possibility to enjoy the school of life that football represents," FIFA President Sepp Blatter said at the time.

In 2004 Israel tried to prevent the Palestinian football team from participating in the the (FIFA) World Cup qualifiers, by stopping several members of the team from leaving Gaza.
So, no lessons learned other than today Israel enjoys playing the 21st century Nazi’s to the Palestinians who have become the 21st century Jews. It could have all been different, but Israel chose another path, and today, we are ALL paying for it...........


Anonymous said...

Very good post - good points, well done...


Saladin said...
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5 dancing shlomos said...

to be what one is not? a snake into a dove? what we see today is what has been since their beginning.

Irish4Palestine said...
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