24 November 2009


Mahmoud Abbas is looking more and more like some caricature recently, he’s lost all his mojo, his hoodoo, his magic, along with ALL his credibility. What with years of corruption and cozying up to the enemy Israel, offering more and more Palestinian land and rights for nothing in return.Turning Palestine into a large piece of Israeli Swiss Cheese. But all that is yesterday’s news, because he’s now attempting to create a new persona as the great “International Speaker” modeling himself after people like Mandela, Bill Clinton, and yes, even Obama, albeit a cheaper version, by charging his own exiled people $27.00 to listen to him. Yes, he is a “Pimp and Gangsta” two examples:

First he travels to Brazil and is greeted with “much love” by the Zionist state governor, who, in turn invites Abbas to a cozy dinner where they can talk about old times.
link Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was welcomed Thursday in Brazil by a state governor who is Jewish. Wagner, who is Jewish, invited Abbas and Lula for a dinner at the Ondina Palace, the state government's headquarters.
And then Abbas turns to his poor exiled people en masse, and says: Give me your downtrodden, give me your huddled masses, and whilst you’re at it you can each give me $27.00 cuz like times are tough, I need a new suit and a new gold tooth to match.
link Palestinian lawmaker Dr. Atef Odwan strongly denounced the PA for demanding the Palestinian refugees in Brazil to pay $27 each if they wanted to attend Abbas’s meeting with them during his visit to that country.

Dr. Odwan said that such attitude proved that Abbas is not worthy of being a president or even a Palestinian politician, describing his visit as shameful and sad.
Yeah, I’d go along with that assessment “Shameful and Sad” but I’d also add “Pathetic” as well. You can read more about those Palestinian Refugees in Brazil HERE