30 November 2009

England Soon To Be Mini Israel/America

The United Kingdom to become “The United Kingdom of Israel and America” yup, Britain is in the beginning stages of becoming a Mini version of Zionist controlled America. More on what's going on in Britain in a minute, first this: Programs such as Dispatches, who just had the Chutzpah to investigate the Israeli Lobby in Britain,which was just recently shown on British television but later BANNED on YouTube because guess who decides what content gets on youtube, why it's the ADL, see here from a post I made in July:
Let’s play a little game. Let’s pretend you found a vile video that is very insulting to people of the Muslim faith. Let’s say you then decided to do as the Zionists do and report this video under the terms and conditions of you tube as being hateful against a religious group. Ok, go to you tube here ,then scroll down to the bottom and click on where it says, “Safety Center” here, then select the radio button that says “hateful content” and click “enter” SURPRISE, it’s the ADL telling you how to remove videos and content that is “anti-Semitic” This begs the question, why is ONLY a “Zionist Jewish” group represented, why are the NAACP not included, what about African Americans? They constitute a far greater number of Americans than the 2% of Jews who make up the population. And what about Muslims? Yet, there is no group affiliated with You Tube for them to report racist content, no group representing the Muslims either. As if the ADL gives a shit about hateful content against any other Religious group or Ethnicity, judging by some of the videos I've seen there.
So, the Dispatches show was labeled you guessed it "Anti-Semitic" and not allowed on YouTube, additionally the Zionist Israeli Lobby in Britain branded the program "Anti-Semitic" and so shows like this will never happen again in England, because enter the "new" London Anti-Semitic institute and propaganda center. They plan to "shape" the debate and we can be assured that no more “Investigative” programs dealing with Zionist control in Britain such as Dispatches won't be made OR seen by British viewers. No more criticising Israel, because that is "anti-Semitic" don't cha know. It’s all going to change. And it’s happening right under the noses of the British Public.

The London University Institute is to be the “First” to establish a program for studying Anti-Semitism, sounds banal enough. But there’s more. They want to target “teachers, public officials and community leaders.” And thus “contribute to policy debate” translation, control Britain’s foreign policy and policy at home as well by "shaping the discussion" . ““It is this singular mix that will provide the institute’s foundation for research, teaching and its contribution to public policy and debate.” They will run the show along with the British Israel Lobby and the Zionist Federation of Britain; they will be the self appointed monitors for the British public. They will gain the same foothold over British government that they already have in America. Here’s the startup and be sure to read between the lines, it’s all there, just look for it:
link London University institute to be first to study anti-Semitism
Britain is to get its first academic institute for the study of anti-Semitism, London Univesity has announced.

The institute, which will be established at Birkbeck College, will offer courses in anti-Semitism to undergraduates and graduates as well as short courses for teachers, public officials and community leaders.

In addition to teaching, it aims to carry out research and contribute to policy debate

Professor David Latchman, the university’s master, said: “Birkbeck commands an unparalled combination of expertise in the field of anti-semitism and intolerance in a wide range of disciplines, from political sciences to psychosocial studies and from history to law.

“It is this singular mix that will provide the institute’s foundation for research, teaching and its contribution to public policy and debate.”

Trevor Pears, executive chairman of the Pears Foundation, said the institute aimed to fill a gap it had indentified in British universities.

“We are setting up the institute with Birkbeck at this particular time because our foundation considers that this strategic approach to the study of antisemitism is not being sufficiently addressed elsewhere and is long overdue,” Mr Pears said.
Our concern is that antisemitism is misunderstood and viewed solely as a Jewish issue. We believe anti-Semitism is a ‘societal illness’ – a rise in anti-Semitism signals something is wrong or worsening in society.”
So, we are all suffering from some worldwide "illness" called "anti-semitism" because we speak against Israel and Zionist genocidal actions. Given the infiltration plans of the Zionist lobby, along with a clear shift to the rightwing by David Cameron the Islamaphobic Pro-Zionist, I fear the Muslim population in Britain will be in for some seriously rough years very soon. Heaven help the Muslims, they’ve become the new Irish.


linda said...

I am wondering then, can we somehow get a copy of the transcripts to the show? How about flooding the streets with DVD's? I had wondered why I couldn't find the video when I followed the link but I didn't have time to mess around on youtube that day. I still want to see it or read the transcripts.

Irish4Palestine said...

Hey there:)
go to the man url for my blog and scroll down there's a link ni the right sidebar for a video hosted elsewhere:)

Anonymous said...

"Britain is in the beginning stages of becoming a Mini version of Zionist controlled America."

I disagree...Britain is already under Jewish control. William the Conqueror and Oliver Cromwell both have much to answer for.

No minority group within these shores wields so much excessive power and influence than the Jews. No minority group is as pampered as the Jews are. Although there are barely 300,000 Jews here in Britain, and although they constitute just under 0.005% of the population, they are treated as a special case. Since Britain is supposed to be a "democracy", minority groups shouldn't really matter. Yet despite the Jews being a very small minority group, they are able to exert enormous power and influence that is wholly disproportionate to their minority status.

My experience is that there exists far more anti-Islamic sentiment in Britain than does anti-Jewish sentiment. But do we see politicians pass legislation to protect the Muslim community? Do we see the police being being trained by a paramilitary body of Islamic vigilantes? Do we see YouTube actively filter-out anti-Islamic videos? Like fuck we do. Muslims are fair-game in Britain, YouTube censors only anti-Jewish content, and only Jewish paramilitary vigilantes such as the Community Security Trust are recognised and given charitable status.



I for one am sick to the back teeth of whingeing Jews who cry "anti-Semitism" every time their beloved Israel is rightfully criticised. If British Jews love Israel so much and find Britain such a hostile place to live, they should seriously consider doing "Aliyah" and permanently emigrating to Israel where they will be welcomed with open arms.

I note that Channel 4 have capitulated to Jewish pressure and made the recent Dispatches documentary Inside Britain's Israel Lobby private. This means that in order to view the documentary, one would first need to become a "friend" of Channel 4. But as you can see from Channel 4's JewTube account, Channel 4 don't have any friends, and it does not appear that they are they accepting any "friend" requests. Channel 4 are therefore effectively censoring their own documentary. It is clear that Channel 4 have succumbed to Jewish pressure. Shame be upon them.



Ironically, this act of self-censorship merely provides us with further proof - as if we needed any - of the wide-reaching power and influence of Britain's Israel lobby.

Anonymous said...

@ Linda...as you'll see from my previous comment, Channel 4 have effectively engaged in self-censorship by making the video "private". They might have just well deleted it.

I found another copy of it elsewhere and have posted it on my blog. View it while you can before the 'copyright police' find it and have it removed.


Alternatively, grab a torrent...there are plenty floating around:


Irish4Palestine said...


yeah, good ole Cromwell God's Executioner. Murdered thousands of Irish and brought the Zionists back to England after 366 years...........

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