03 November 2009


Canada should know better than to tackle Galloway, they have a tiger by the tail, and he won't soon be going down without a good fight. somethign tells me he'll be speaking in Canada in the new year.
A Canadian federal court will review a decision made earlier this year to deny firebrand British lawmaker George Galloway entry for a speaking tour, his backers said Monday.

Galloway had been notified in March by border officials that his donations of cars and cash to the Hamas-run government in Gaza made him inadmissible to Canada, as Hamas is listed in Canada as terrorist organization.

He was later denied an injunction that might have allowed him to speak at anti-war forums in Canada.

Monday, his supporters said in a statement the Federal Court of Canada has "agreed to hear a judicial review of the government's decision to ban his entry from Canada."

A hearing is set for January 2010.

"He is eager to return to Canada," James Clark, spokesman for the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, told AFP.link

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

I want him to move here and happily settled down, running Canada and embarrassing the hell out of the Israeli bottom kissers ~ whom we will of course supply with one-way tickets to the country of their choice.

The politicians, I am sure George could fix em good. They would by law be forced to attend and pay attention to his every political speech and write 500 word essays to paraphrase. Exercise to be repeated until it is known they "get it" regarding humanity and politics.

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