02 November 2009


Here we go again folks, the "Zionist Organisation of America" aka the "ZOA," aka "Zionists Own America" has it's nose out of joint once again. Wailing and gnashing of the teeth time. Let's hope Obama has "grown a pair" since the Freeman Affair..........Oooo that rhymes ;o)

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has called upon President Barack Obama to rescind his appointment of what it said was an anti-Israel, anti-Iran sanctions politician. Obama wants to appoint former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska to the President's Intelligence Advisory Board.

ZOA says Hagel, who is intended to co-chair the board, has a long and troubling record of hostility to Israel which has been criticized by both the Democratic and Republican Jewish coalitions. link

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mondo said...

Hagel was one of the few Senators who I thought was decent. I didnt like him at first because of the sleazy way he was elected. He owned part or all of the voting machines. But he proved to be one of the only guys to stand up to the lying neocons. ANyone who AIPAC is against, you can be assured is honest to some degree. Look at Cynthia McKinney and how she was treated.

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