04 November 2009


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Israel seems to have a hard time getting the message. This is yet another trait of Zionists, the inability to notice that people actually hate them. Ehud Olmert's recent hasbara trip has continually met with much the same reaction. Chicago, Arkansas, Kentucky, San Francisco all welcomed the War Criminal with huge protests. However, Turkey wins the prize for originality,when Ambassador Gabby Levy arrived at the university to speak, he was, wait for it.... pelted with eggs by students;o) Yea Turkey, you have my vote in next years Euro vision for that one!!
Turkish police detained around 20 students on Wednesday after they pelted Israel's ambassador with eggs to protest the Jewish state's treatment of Palestinians, forcing him to cancel a university visit.

The protest took place outside the university in the Black Sea port of Trabzon as Ambassador Gabby Levy arrived in his car, Anatolia news agency reported.

"Israel is a murderer," television footage showed the students shouting.

The ambassador left without getting out of his vehicle
NOTE: see how brave they are without tanks, white phosphorous or DIME missiles to back them up against unarmed civilians? Run Away, Run Away....More:

Levy was already embarrassed Tuesday in nearby Rize, where local Mayor Halil Bakirci condemned Israel's "policies of expansion and occupation" and said that self-defense should not involve "killing children."

Israel's relations with Turkey, its main regional ally, took a downturn in January when Ankara launched an unprecedented barrage of criticism of the Jewish state over its devastating war on the Gaza Strip.

Last month Turkey excluded Israel from joint military drills and said that bilateral ties would continue to suffer unless Israel ends "the humanitarian tragedy" in Gaza and revives peace talks with the Palestinians.

The Palestinian cause enjoys widespread support in both Islamist and leftist circles in Turkey.source
Hey Olmert, since you are not coming to Ireland anytime soon, I'll keep this one in the fridge for you:

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And may the Olmert egg be good and rotten when its time comes.

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