05 November 2009


House of Representatives condemned the Goldstone report. See if
your representative voted "yes" and is owned by AIPAC HERE so you can vote them out of office for working for a foreign country and putting Israel's illegal interests above America's.
Writing in Politico yesterday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) strongly
criticized the House vote:

Congress is poised to oppose the Goldstone report
without holding a single hearing on a document that few members of Congress, if
any, have read.

This is a mistake. The stance of this Congress will erode U.S. credibility in the post-Obama world, and it will tarnish our commitment to the principle that all nations must be held to the same standards.
We stand for the values of democracy, truth and justice.

There is no reason for Congress, Israel or any other party to fear an honest judge. Richard Goldstone is such a judge, and his report should be studied, not dismissed.

Ellison is right. The House cast a cynical vote; one that, no doubt, many are
ashamed of. The United States should be an honest broker between Israelis and
Palestinians, not act as if "Israel Is Us." Actions like the House's yesterday
are not just wrongheaded, they endanger America's security. We simply cannot
afford to have every Muslim and Arab on the planet believe that our concern for
human rights extends to everyone, but not to them. We need a course correction
fast, for the sake of Israelis and Palestinians, but mostly for our own.

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My Hate Speech said...

Pretty outrageous!

Saladin said...

Hello IRISH!:)



Irish4Palestine said...

saladin i'm very busy next couple of days, will have to get to replies over weekend when i hve more time

Anonymous said...

Grow the fuck up and stop coming across like the ignorant pretend armchair 'freedom fighters' you are. Hop over to Gaza why don't you, and live with your pals, the Pals, in their pretend country.

Anonymous said...

Gutierrez didn't vote. Ironic since he is pro Puerto Rican independence. He chose to shut his true feelings out? So who owns him? I shouldn't even ask. We know.

I sent you an email just now. I hope you are well.

Irish4Palestine said...

Hey there Tribal:)

got it and am working on it now a chara

Irish4Palestine said...

@ Anonymous #1

You should read wiki:

“On the same day the Queen of England’s cousin, Lord Mountbatten was assassinated, the IRA also ambushed and killed eighteen British Army soldiers, sixteen of them from the Parachute Regiment at Warrenpoint, County Down in what became known as the Warrenpoint ambush. After this action, graffiti proclaiming "Bloody Sunday's Not Forgotten, We Got Eighteen And Mountbatten" was seen in some Republican areas in Ireland.”

>>>>So, Feck off ya wee spaghetti eatin girly twat. You wouldn’t have the balls to be a freedom fighter; you’d be pissing yur pants at the first sight of conflict.

what a wanker

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