18 November 2009


Here's a run down of recent events in the last 12 hours, with commentary of course;o)

FIRST, no award for you Pal “Pal” Forget about CNN, never mind about the British Film Institute… we own your butt:
Link The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) refused to allow the travel of Palestinian journalist Talal Abu Rahma outside of the Gaza Strip via the Erez crossing to receive an international award that he won recently.

Abu Rahma said on Tuesday that the British embassy in Tel Aviv also refused to grant him an entry visa despite a request from the CNN .
(Gee, wonder why the British Embassy did that? Watch the video of Dispatches investigation into the Israel Lobby in Britain HERE for answers...more:
The journalist won the Martin Adler Prize, which is awarded on an annual basis at The British Film Institute for journalists covering wars. He was supposed to travel to London on 19/11 to receive the award.
NEXT, strip naked, or we will show you our power………..
Link Local and press sources said that the IOF troops ordered Om Wisam Duvesh to take off her clothes for search and when she refused, soldiers tried to force her to do that, she was arrested. Duvesh, in her forties, was beaten by the soldiers and taken to a police station in Kiryat Arba settlement east of the city.
And…..Israeli Child Killing Unit plays games with Palestinian Children, just for fun and giggles, of course.
Link Meanwhile, IOF soldiers beat up a 10-year-old child in Deir Al-Ghussun village, Tulkarem district, and detained him for 11 hours at the pretext he participated in an anti-wall march. Local sources said that Hussam Mihana, 10, returned to his family home with bruises all over his body, and told his parents that two soldiers severely beat him up
NEXT, want that cancer treated? Work for us, or else you die a slow painful death……….
Link The Israeli intelligence summons Gazan patients wishing to receive treatment in West Bank or Israeli hospitals and try to blackmail them into working for it, intelligence officers retain the patient for hours in a room similar to a prison cell then get him out for an interview with one of them.
He added that in the event the patient refuses the agent starts threatening him with deprivation of treatment and imprisonment to terrorize the patient into collaborating
NEXT, fair play to the turn about by hamas,matching the Israeli Lobby's money with a little lobbying of their own, this made me laugh………….
Link Hamas-loyal Gaza group offers $1.4 million bounty for capture of an Israeli soldier. The Waad group , a Gaza charity (that aids the Palestinian prisoners interned illegally in Israel) linked to the ruling Hamas group is offering $1.4 million to anybody who captures an Israeli soldier.
The offer is in response to an Israeli group's offer to pay Gazans for information on the whereabouts of a captured soldier held by Hamas for more than three years.
And finally, a two parter, Israel sends message of “Love and Respect” to Obama and Gordon Brown. And they return the Love:
Link US fury as Israel approves 900 new housing units in Gilo settlement
Obama and Brown answer back, although unable to think of any really threatening words, they went for “Dismayed” and “wrong” instead. Israel is shaking in their Jackboots:
linkUnited States State Department condemned the construction of 900 new housing units in an East Jerusalem settlement suburb as “dismaying”.
Britain also condemned the controversial decision by Israel to go ahead with the major construction project in Gilo, calling the move “wrong.”
Just another day in Israeli Controlled Bizarro World

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Saladin said...

Hi irish:)

I wanted to send you all this links you post,but you beat me up to it:)

Not related to this subject:

Palestine is playing a friendly football match today against tunisia,this would be my first palestine match i will watch in my life,so i am looking forwad to it,so once i can talk about some positive thing that is happening.


sopcast program need to be downloaded to watch the game,but thats no problem,it takes just few minutes,after its downloaded just click on the link from that site and thats it.
The game have already started,so sorry i didnt post it before if someone is interested.
see yaa irish.

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