18 November 2009


“Fear Not” oh you Palestinians and non-Jews, because Israel needs you. Not all Palestinians and non-Jews are to be ethnically cleansed from within the evil rogue state. There will be a place for you in Israel, you will serve a purpose. Your “new” purpose will be to replace them all when their religion forbids them to work, and you will work for them in any capacity they see fit. Welcome to the “One State Solution” Israeli style. There is a term for this, it’s called Apartheid Slavery:
Intel to employ only non-Jews at Jerusalem plant on Shabbat. Intel will not employ Jewish workers on Saturday shifts in its Jerusalem plant, the chip-maker has suggested in a new compromise proposal. The move comes after large crowds of ultra-Orthodox protesters attacked the plant on Saturday, in protest of it continuing operations on Shabbat. The plant, in the Har Hotzvim industrial area in Jerusalem, employs some 150 workers.

all Jewish workers who were employed on Saturdays will be replaced by non-Jewish ones that day. source


Greg Bacon said...

Maybe they could keep the workers in a concentration camp so they'd be handy to grab for labor?

After all, "Work makes you free!"

Irish4Palestine said...


Good thinking there, really could streamline work production if they had them all in one place. I'm sure Israel has this covered and more.......

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