30 November 2009


Our friends over at SilverLining have and excellent post outing yet another one if Israel's spy rings. "WHAT???" I hear you say? Israel spying???? Was it in America again? nope, not this time! Was it in Lebanon again? no way, Hezbollah's got that covered now! Was it in Palestine again? Nope Nada!So then was it those El Al guys working for Shin Bet and smuggling weapons in South Africa again? Guess again! Give up?This time it's the United Nations, or should I say "The United Nations where privacy does not exist, where the Zionists have every room bugged"
A Swiss newspaper said that a number of UN employees in Geneva have concluded that Israel is eavesdropping on UN court sessions. The Neue Zuericher Zeitung (NZZ) added that bugging devices have been found in the organization’s deliberations room in the Swiss capital. read it all here