30 November 2009


Elvis may have left the building, but Bush and Blair have NOT.

There’s a new Flu that is even more deadly than Swine Flu. So c’mon now, how many people in the world caught the “Hope” fever and the “Change” flu? Fess up now, tell the truth. And did you think after 2009 that Bush and Blair were no longer in office, the strange man/love affair over? Were you reveling in all that “hope-mania” and singing the praise of “Change is Coming” and secure in the knowledge that “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For” hence we don’t have to wait any longer?

Uh Oh, What’s that smell? Could it be the winds of “Change?” Nope, sadly me thinks the “change” we smell is the Messiah of Hope’s nappy (that’s diaper for all you Americans) because the O-man is starting to smell really bad. He’s starting to smell just like a Dirty Smelly Over Fertilized Shrub. And Brown has morphed into Blair.

So, remember back on September 24th when it was “all the buzz” about that little wee secret meet up in the UN kitchen between Obama and Brown. And all the funny slagging off in the British press. Just what DID they talk about, and why did it take over 15 minutes to walk a length of 50 yards:
LINK How did Barack Obama and Gordon Brown spend 15 minutes in a kitchen? The surprising answer, according to Downing Street, is 15 minutes.

the two men had a 15-minute informal "walk and talk" as they took a shortcut out of a dinner through a kitchen in the building.
But the claim raised the question of how the pair managed to spend so long in a room UN staff said was no more than a 50 yards long.

Even allowing for a sneaky pause at the pastry chef's station, a circuit should take no more than a minute. It meant the pair had time for at least 15 laps and perhaps as many as 20 if walking at a good pace. A Downing Street spokesman said it was usual at such large international meetings for leaders to get together in corridors, kitchens and other spots away from the auditorium
Perhaps these two recent “in unison events” can shed some light :

LINK President Barack Obama has committed an additional 30,000 troops to stabilize Afghanistan,Since 2001, about 928 U.S. soldiers have died in the country, with casualty numbers climbing higher in each year, according to iCasualties.org.
LINK Gordon Brown will announce tomorrow that he is sending more British troops to Afghanistan, pre-empting a long-awaited statement from Barack Obama expected on Tuesday. Brown will hold a final video conference with Obama tomorrow before the president's address in the symbolic setting of the West Point military academy at 8pm on Tuesday. This calls for a surge of around 35,000 troops and a more sophisticated political strategy.
“Hope and Change Mi Arse” Only the players change. So America do you want your vote back now? Elvis may have left the building, but Bush and Blair have NOT.

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Anonymous said...

Do we want our vote back? Hell no! I voted for Obama not because I believed in him but because I had to try to make a world for my daughter that wasn't remotely controlled by Palin and all her devolved monkey groupies. Did I want Hilary instead? Nope. If you are familiar with George Carlin then you know what he said about American politicians......"this is the best we can do?"

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