19 November 2009


To know the future, look to the past

Yesterday I had to visit the town of Derry, in the North of Ireland. Derry is known for some of the most fierce fighting for Irish Freedom in the North. In fact, there is an area in Creggan called "The Gaza Strip" how's that for similarity:) Derry's Bogside was one of the few "No Go" areas for the British Army, if they ventured to come in, they'd have a tough fight on their hands. As I drove past the Bloody Sunday Monument, I began thinking about Ireland, England, Palestine and Israel. It was not that long ago that people here were living with British soldiers on our streets, murdering people, shooting our children and interning our people without trial or charge. And, back then, America, in the form of President Ronald Reagan, supported these actions by the British Government of Margaret Thatcher and her British troops, even though the American public did not. Sound familiar? Then, years later came President Bill Clinton, who broke the mold and stood up to Britain. It always takes entrenched Governments who are in bed with oppressive and aggressive countries much longer to catch up with what their own public are calling for.

So flash forward 30 years and things have changed massively. And this brings me to Israel. There is always a defining moment in time. A moment that changes everything. And it is not always about the amount of killing, or the scale of killing, but rather it is about bringing the worlds' focus onto a situation that has been in existence, perhaps for many years, but was lost in the dark. It is strange thing that happens when the world witnesses something, becomes outraged and then demands change. For Ireland it was Bloody Sunday, for South Africa it was the killing of Steve Biko, and for Israel it is Gaza. Israel Slit Its Wrists by Invading Gaza in 2009, the war criminals and the State of Israel are bleeding to death slowly. Time is on our side. Here’s why:

Yesterday a 90 year old German man was charged with murdering Jews during World War II. Given that today is November 2009, and this man committed his crimes all those years ago, and yet at age 90 has now been convicted. So that set me thinking about Israel and all of their War Criminals (a massive list!) and what time can accomplish as the world changes. So, for now, many of our own governments are running defense and interference for Israel’s actions. We know they do this because of the great control Israel has over our Politicians using their hundreds of well funded lobby groups in every important country worldwide. We know that our Politicians do not represent the people who elected them, but rather they represent a foreign power instead. We know this, and this too, will change, as a new generation rises up.

Possibly the greatest mistake Israel ever made was to openly inflict mass genocide on the population of Gaza. They did so right before the eyes of the world’s population. A new generation has been born, they are teenagers or 20 somethings now and their very first introduction to the Rogue State of Israel was to witness the Gaza holocaust. Mothers and Fathers around the world are talking about it; their children are listening and witnessing for themselves, viewing countless you tube videos that will forever bear witness to the crimes. Illustrating in real time the carnage committed onto a civilian population by the 4th largest army in the world.

This new generation is learning the ropes, they are seeing the control Israel has over our politicians and governments. But, somewhere, right now, is a young person in each of our own countries, who has conviction, strength and is willing to play the waiting game. One day this person will go into politics, they will play the game, whatever it may be at that time, in order to get to the top. But they will have the knowledge of what Israel truly is. This person will hunger to rid their country of a foreign control, this person will one day reach the top and he, or she, will not be alone. For many others will do the same, they will be our Congressmen, Senators, MP’s and Assembly Members, and they will remember. Each time someone from the Israeli lobby arm twists them on the way up, they will remember. And when they all reach the top together, they will no longer bow to Israel or its Lobby and threats. There will be strength in their numbers. Hold that thought and keep reading.

So just as the 90 year old German man was only just convicted now for his war crimes against Jews in World War II, remember this: The Israeli war criminals have many more years of life left in them, those in their fifties have at least 30 years left to worry, whilst those in their 20’s and 30’s have between 50 to 60 years left to worry in fear, maybe more. The times are changing, thanks to Israel’s own voracious and rampant hunger to kill and ethnically cleanse Palestinians, to take over the middle east, to attack its neighbors again and again and to control our Governments so that they act against the will of the people they represent. It is the future Israel should fear, for it is the future generation that will ensure the criminals are charged and convicted for the crimes that the future generation are witnessing NOW.

So a message to all those who committed war crimes, you have years to live, and time is on our side. Given the tide has turned against Israel, what will the world be like 30-60 years from now? And will you find yourself standing in court at the ripe old age of 90 being charged with the crimes you cheerfully committed in your 20’s and 30’s. This is your future, and you have 30-60 years to live in fear and ponder that fate.

The clock is ticking down for Israel, time is on our side. And I will end with a quote from one of our most famous Irish Patriots, this holds true for all of us who want to see Palestine free and to take its place among the nations of the world. The last line says it all. It is what I was referring to earlier, for it’s the next generation Israel should fear, the generation that was introduced to Israel via the Gaza Genocide, they will remember:

"Believe that we too love freedom and desire it. To us it is more desirable than anything in the world. If you strike us down now, we shall rise again and renew the fight. You cannot conquer Ireland; you cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom; if our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom then our children will win it with a better deed."

Padraig Pearse


Saladin said...

Well regarding israel future,this is their "so-called"future peace plan.
This is very important to read to if you didnt see this read this irish!


Of course this is a total joke,what its the funnier thing here for me is this:

"The plan would be a two-phase initiative with a Palestinian state being declared on “provisional borders” on approximately half of the land Israel occupied in 1967."

Hahaha this is realy very funny,this world provisional borders,lol!they probably mean:sign this agrement but in the end we will make sure that that become DEFINIT BORDERS!
Well zions if you want this plan to be accomplish my are you building rapidly every day on 1967.borders and invest milions of dollars in that project?so what you are buliding rapidly like maniacs but after fer years you will leave from that areas!?lol!

well i can say that maybe in some way i respect this guy(yes....maybe in some way....)


realisticbird said...


I really hope and pray it is much sooner. I must say that events in Palestine and the surrounding region is changing quickly than it was back in the 90s. The more the Israelis go over the edge the more there is solidarity with the Palestinians even though there is an enormous amount of effort by the Zionists to break it and the region apart.

Great post :)

Saladin said...

This is a very good article irish!


yes realy good.

Saladin said...


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