17 November 2009


This is the funniest thing ever........
Oh my, Zionists found out what it's like to be 2nd class citizens, not important, un-wanted, separate from others, despised. And to think, it wasn't televised. Hopefully someone got a youtube vid of this historic moment when Zionists were reduced to being unable to stand up for Israel without a "Cheat Sheet." What am I talking about? Well, Cynthia McKinney was scheduled to speak at Binghamton University, and of course, the evil censoring, settlement supporting "Hillel" Jewish group were there, hoping that the old "Zionist Intelligence" would run rings around those who came to listen to McKinney. Alas, as they stood attempting to force their Pro-Zionist hasbara flyers, no one wanted them. Those who were forced to "take one" before entering the auditorium ended up returning them as each row of students passed them down to be collected and returned to the "hasbara spreaders." But the best moment came when one of the "Zionists" got up to challenge McKinney. To "Take McKinney Out" using "quick wits and sharp as a tack" Zionist logic and intelligence Keep reading, this is absolutely priceless:
Students from the Hillel Jewish Student Union at Binghamton passed out information outside auditorium doors before a Nov. 10 speech by former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney. The New York State university's Hillel president, Rebecca Kohn, described the fliers as facts (bullshit and lies) about Israel and Hamas and other points that they did not believe McKinney would address in her speech, which was titled "Black in America, Black in Palestine."

But before McKinney spoke, leaders of the Binghamton Political Initiative, a graduate-student organized group, asked that anyone who had received a Hillel flier should pass them to the end of the row so they could be collected.

During her Binghamton speech, she made comparisons between Palestinians and blacks in America, and called Israel an apartheid state.

Kohn also said that during the question period, those who asked questions critical of McKinney's views were quickly cut off or embarrassed. (for being stooooopid)

For example, when one pro-Israel questioner briefly stuttered from nerves, McKinney held up the flier that Hillel passed out and said, “Do you need this?" MORE

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Greg Bacon said...

The same Cynthia who was targeted by American Jews during her GA re-election campaign and who saw an immense amount of money pour into her opponent's campaign... and she lost.

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