02 December 2009


Today something has happened, today the EU stood up to Israel. George Berkeley, an Irish philosopher created a theory called "immaterialism" or "subjective idealism". He talked of objects ceasing to exist once there was nobody around to perceive them. Hence the famous phrase: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

I have always thought this phrase best describes the Plight of the Palestinians, for obvious reasons. Without attention via media, governments and the general pubic worldwide, the atrocities go un-noticed. E.g. No one hears the tree when it falls, and no one hears the house when it is demolished by Israeli bulldozers, no one hears the olive trees burning, no one hears the screams in the night as Palestinians are evicted, removed or shot by settlers. Without the world around to see these events, they cease to exist outside those experiencing them.

Israel’s genocide last December allowed the world to hear the trees falling, and hear them they did, in the ears of millions around the world who became outraged and took up the Palestinians cause for freedom, justice and a fully sovereign state, along with punishment for their captors and murderers. We are the army for Palestine that exists outside Israeli control, we are the soldiers Israel cannot bomb and maime, we are the the ones who refuse to stop exposing the fallen trees.

A section of this has come to fruition, via the EU’s recent publication of a document that is highly critical of Israel; this on the heels of the Goldstone report sends a clear message to Israel. Become accountable, admit your crimes, cease the aggression, stop the illegal siege, comply with all the UN resolutions you are breaking, and return to the 67 borders immediately. Or we, the world, will work in a fashion that will force these issues to the front. You will no longer be dealing with only the Palestinians, but you will be dealing with all of us. We are all Palestinians now, you made us so.

I have included a synopsis of the best parts of the document below, taken from Haaretz, followed by the document itself, also from Haaretz. One of the suggestions I find the most stunning, is a call for EU representation at house Demolitions and court cases pertaining to house demolitions. I think this is absolutely brilliant, the falling trees will be witnessed first hand, not by peace activists that Israel kills or attempts to kill, like Rachel Corrie, or Tristan Anderson, no, this time it will be EU officials, who won’t easily be “accidentally” murdered by Israeli thugs; acting with the Israeli Governments tacit approval. Additionally the approval of entrance into the EU will be based on Israel’s behavior, the bully child is being told to behave, or else it does not get what it wants. America, listen up, THIS is how it’s done! First the key points:
link “Ensure EU presence at Israeli court cases on house demolitions or evictions of Palestinian families” and “when there is a risk of demolition or eviction of Palestinian families.”

EU “celebrations, commemorations and national or Europe day events to be held in East Jerusalem.”

“EU missions with offices or residences in East Jerusalem to regularly host Palestinian officials for dinners with senior EU visitors.”

“Avoid having Israeli security accompany high-ranking officials from member states when visiting the Old City or East Jerusalem.”

“Refraining from meeting Israeli officials in their East Jerusalem offices.”
“Information sharing on violent settlers in East Jerusalem to assess whether to grant entry to the EU.”
And here is the document itself, leaked to Haaretz, which is a statement to Israel in itself, I might add (click to enlarge):