02 December 2009


Well, looky here now, The Zionist Scum Spy serving a life sentence in America wants Israel to kill Jailed Palestinians until Shalit is freed. Nice. And what makes these people better than Al Qaeda who behead people? I’ll tell you…. Nothing at all, no difference. Shalit is a POW, and Shalit has been well cared for. Hamas managed to keep Israel from killing him during the genocide, so for that Israel owes Hamas a big fat “thank you.” But instead the Zionists just can’t resist more bloodshed, they love it. Trouble is that Israel has better sense than Pollard does, that’s why Pollard was caught, he’s a moron. Even the most racist, evil Zionist like Lieberman knows only too well that should Israel attempt anything like this the world would hold them to account unmercifully. Goldstone and the recent EU support for a divided Jerusalem would seem like child’s play in comparison to what would lay in store for Israel’s tenacious future. Perhaps the Prison’s Big Bubba could give Pollard a wee visit sometime soon and put some “manners” on him. Go on, make my day………
link An American convicted of spying for Israel is reportedly proposing that Israel kill Hamas prisoners rather than swap them for a captive Israeli soldier.

The Jerusalem Post daily reports that Jonathan Pollard says Israel should kill one Hamas prisoner every day until the militant group frees Sgt. Gilad Schalit (captured POW)Pollard, who is serving a life sentence in the U.S. for his 1985 spy conviction, also says he'd refuse to be exchanged for "terrorists."(CORRECTION: make that the democratically elected government in Gaza)

The paper said Wednesday that Pollard made the remarks to Israeli ultranationalist activist Moshe Feiglin who visited him in a prison in Butner, North Carolina.