27 December 2009


HEY PEOPLE: If you have done nothing today to help Gaza, then do THIS as it will only take you 2 minutes and you only have to move your fingers! More:

link Gaza Freedom Marchers mark first anniversary of Gaza invasion

WHAT: Gaza Freedom Marchers Remember Gaza's dead by floating candles on the Nile

WHEN: Sunday, December 27, 4:30 pm gather at Cairo's Garden City Nile Cornice (next to the Grand Hyatt and opposite the Four Seasons.) to take feluccas at sunset

(Cairo) On December 27th, 2009, marking one year since the brutal Israeli invasion of Gaza, members of the Gaza Freedom March in Cairo will place 1,400 candles in the Nile River to commemorate the dead.

The Gaza Freedom Marchers had hoped to be in Gaza to commemorate the war, but access to Rafah is being denied by the Egyptian authorities. The Marchers, coming from 43 countries, have appealed to President Mubarak to allow them to proceed.

The delegation includes families of three generations, doctors, lawyers, diplomats, students, artists, rabbis, priests, imams, a women delegation, a Jewish contingent, a veterans group and Palestinians born overseas. The coalition spent seven months planning for their trip to Gaza. As they flood into Cairo with a longing to reach Gaza, they plan to remember the besieged strip while being trapped here.

"We mark this date, December 27, with great saddess for those killed and wounded, and we call on the world's leaders to hold Israel accountable," said Medea Benjamin of the Gaza Freedom March. "We also call on Israel and Egypt to lift the blockade that is causing so much suffering in Gaza."
Now, get yourself over to THIS page and HELP THEM! Don't say you didn't know...............

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Barred from Egypt, Galloway group on hunger strike:


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