27 December 2009


“Team Egypt”

Egypt has been sitting on the fence for a year, trying to placate all sides, trying to do a massive high wire balancing act by allowing some aid in, and sending the majority of aid to Israel where it disappears as gifts to those who occupy, oppress and murder at will. Allowing a few convoys and delegations into Gaza, whilst blocking the majority of others. Waging a war of “attrition” on convoy members who are forced to wait for weeks in Egypt until their money runs out and they are forced to abandon their aid. This then becomes a “free gift” for Egypt or Israel. Stealing the “good will” of the world’s population who fund these aid convoys and mocking the humanity that stands against Genocide and supports international law. People and companies who donated aid should file lawsuits against Egypt and demand compensation for their possessions.

But now Egypt has finally made its decision, Egypt has now picked sides. Upon the 1 year Anniversary of the Gaza Genocide, it has become very clear over the past week where Egypt’s sympathies lie. Not with their Muslim brothers and sisters inside Gaza who are suffering every day, not with the vast majority of the worlds population who fund aid convoys to help them, not with the Human Rights Organisations who condemn the illegal siege, not with Richard Goldstone’s report, in short, not with humanity.

Instead, where Egypt has placed its sympathy and support is with Israel and the US. For Egypt has become complicit in assisting and committing War Crimes against their fellow Muslims in Gaza. Egypt stands against humanity and Egypt stands against those of us who want to share humanity with those suffering in Gaza.

Given Egypt’s choice to stand against Humanity and FOR Oppression, murder and racism, they can no longer be seen as being outside this conflict. As such, they should now be treated exactly like the other members of “Team Egypt” and the world should now target Egypt with the same BDS campaign that is directed at Israel. Here’s why:

1. Egypt builds Apartheid wall against it’s Muslim brothers and sisters with assistance of US military and at the behest of Israel, to further strangle Gaza Civilian population, thus causing more deaths due to the illegal siege.

2.Egypt closes border to Gaza 2010 Marchers

And on the heels of world outrage directed at Egypt, shortly thereafter Israel lends some fake “Credence” to their Egyptians slaves, by dropping leaflets into Gaza threatening another invasion on the Anniversary. This is all a ruse to give Egypt an excuse to close the border and secondly, it allows Egypt to lay the “blame” for the border closure on Israel. Nice collusion hasbara.

3. Then they turn to the Viva Palestina Convoy, now stranded in Jordan given an impossible task by Egypt. They have been asked to fold up the 200 plus vehicles and personnel into a neat little suitcase and send it on an logistically impossible route in order to “enter” Gaza. There now, Egypt off the hook once again. More after this:

As it is now very clear that Egypt is working with the Americans and Israel, they can NO longer be considered to be outside the parameters of War Crimes. Just as the US supplied the DIME missiles and White Phosphorous, So Egypt is facilitating the illegal siege causing more death. Time to call for a worldwide Boycott of Egypt.....NOW!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree that Egypt must be held as liable as Israel. Egypt is more than a mere enabler, its an accessory to murder and has been all along.

Irish4Palestine said...

Yes, It is been far too long that Egypt has not been held accountable for it's contribution to this genocide. Like George Bush once said "you are with us or against us" Hence people support humanitarian aid and international law, or they join israel in the collective murders.

Saladin said...

"Time to call for a worldwide Boycott of Egypt.....NOW!"-you said.

well everything of that is perfect and good,but the term you use NOW is totaly stupid!The boycoott of egypt should have been anounced long time ago,it was clear long time ago that egypt is a usa-zionist slave,but nobody didnt do anything to tell egypt that they must start to behave diferently or their economy will sufer.
This discusting acts that egypt is doing now is not anything new or we must be shocked by their behavior now,egypt is a slave of zios for many years now and now its too late to do anything about it anymore.Now they have full protection from usa and zionist and nobody canot harm them anymore.
Egypt should have been crushed by economic boycots from ordinary people long time ago,not now.
Now its over,they will finish the construction of wall,tighten the blocade of gaza and they will not alow the entry of matherials for rebuilding houses and other thing ass long as hamas is leader party in gaza.
When many people die from starvation and polution in gaza and when israel crush hamas and take again control of gaza only then egypt will open rafah permanetly.

Egypt is the same evil enemy for hamas like the zionist,there are no major diferences!Egypt goAL was always to see hamas get crushed,they never wanted to help the palestinians in GAZA END PALESTINIANS IN GENERAL!!
Its very sad that many stupid palestinian people belive that egypt is their friend,and now they are shocked...
I remember an article when they asked some palestinians for who will they cheer when algeria and egypt played against each other for a place in the world cup in football,and some of them answered:well its hard to choose because algeria was always a suporter of palestine cause and egypt is a VERY BIG SUPORTER OF PALESTINE CAUSE IN RECENT HISTORY.

REALY,w.a.f.???? egypt is your big suporter of you cause???-yeah right!
And what to even resond to that-not much realy,only to say that sadly there are(I REALY HOPE NOT IN LARGE NUMBERS)palestinians who are totally stupid and have a brain of a chicken.

I,as a big hamas suporter was and still am very disapointed in a fact that they thought that egypt will help then,and now they are too shocked.

People of hamas,you should have see it coming!


Gaza Freedom marchers: 38 detained by Egypt,They also broke up a memorial action commemorating the Cast Lead massacre at the Kasr al Nil Bridge:


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