01 December 2009

Florida Zionists Go Mental in "Little Israel"

Good Morning! What a way to start the day: Florida becomes "Little Israel" and the zionists are attacking the Governor, yes the inmates are running the prison sadly. Note there is no Embed on this You Tube video,so you will have to take the link below. Oh and be certain to take a close gander at the t-shit the Zionist is wearing, that is, if you can manage to focus enough whilst listeing to the diatribe of Zionist awfulness coming out of his mouth:


FugaziQuo said...

I just threw my breakfast up.

Only Jews could be arrogant enough to demand that an election be cancelled because it coincides with one of their religious holidays. The way they behave, you'd think that Jews run America. ):

chuckyman said...

Good morning Irish. This is no surprise to anyone familiar with this tribe. There is no end to their greed and selfish desire for exceptional preference in treatment. If your are need of a little humour you could try this from the Incog Man


Dublin Mick said...

Greetings Chucky!
I am afraid Irish is speaking to the choir as I hail from Florida. So far my neighborhood has not been walled in. We do have newly installed wifi towers of death installed right in the neighborhood however.

It is only a matter of time before cancer clusters break out in what I call the great dying.

chuckyman said...

DM - seeing as everyone knows I’m a bit of a wingnut, I can let you borrow my tin foil hat(grin).

V word = tasers (would you believe it?)

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