22 December 2009


~UPDATED~ DEC 23 2009


My world is spinning off its axis……….Has Jimmy Carter been threatened with death? He has to “apologise, crawl and grovel" to Israel and the ADL for making the very TRUE analogy between South African Apartheid and Israel Apartheid? Apologise for writing his book? For criticizing Israel for its crimes? And he just folds like a cheap suit and says “ok no problem I’m really sorry for angering American Jews, please forgive me.”

To which Abe Foxman of the ADL says: "To what extent it is an epiphany, time will tell. There certainly is hurt which needs to be repaired.”

Don't you "get it" Carter? You blinked, bad move, you loose. They have an endless supply of "hurt" They own the word "hurt" They are the worlds biggest "hasbara hurters" and they exist to create guilt for their never ending self manufactured "hasbara hurt." You can't ever "appease" them, they welcome all acts they can say "hurt" them, because it adds to the endless "victim" status, which they also "own." Haven't you figured out that they are the only victims in this world? By appeasing them you have now given them license to batter you forever over the head using YOUR "Apology", smart move. You will forever be a slave to them, forever be apologising, forever being peddled out in the media machine as "the man who made a mistake comparing Israel to South Africa" Welcome to your legacy. And to think, you were doing SO well, one of the brave, the proud , the few..............to tell the truth about Israel's actions....not any more:
Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has apologized to the American Jewish community for 'stigmatizing Israel' and asked for forgiveness for his actions, the JTA reported on Monday.

"We must recognize Israel's achievements under difficult circumstances, even as we strive in a positive way to help Israel continue to improve its relations with its Arab populations, but we must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel," Carter wrote in a letter to the JTA.

"As I would have noted at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but which is appropriate at any time of the year, I offer an Al Het for any words or deeds of mine that may have done so," Carter wrote, referring to the prayer said on Yom Kippur in which Jews ask God for forgiveness for any sins.

Carter has angered American Jews in the past by likening Israeli policy in the West Bank to apartheid South Africa in his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid".

According to the JTA, Anti-Defamation League national director Abraham Foxman, who in the past claimed Carter's comments bordered on anti-Semitism, welcomed the former president's statement.

"We welcome any statement from a significant individual such as a former president who asks for Al Het," Foxman said. "To what extent it is an epiphany, time will tell. There certainly is hurt which needs to be repaired.SOURCE
source #1

link Carter Says Sorry to Jews, Apology Not Linked to Grandson's Political Ambitions (yeah, sure.......)Jimmy Carter's recent apology to Jews for actions he acknowledged have stigmatized Israel is not timed to a decision by his grandson on whether to enter Georgia politics, the former president told an online Jewish news agency this week.

source #2

link Jimmy Carter is asking the Jewish community for forgiveness -- and insists it’s not simply because his grandson has decided to launch a political career with a run for the Georgia state Senate.
Seriously Carter, WTF?


Greg Bacon said...

What a spineless wimp... and a disgrace.

Maybe "Jimmy the Weasel" could launch a series of nationwide book burning parties where people are encouraged to bring a copy of "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid".

realisticbird said...


Ah I knew he was just empty words. Considering his history I was surprised he actually said anything good to help the Palestinians. What do you think they have on him? Some juicy scandal? <_<

Irish4Palestine said...

Hi ya, I dunno, he may be under pressure from the Democratic party e.g his own party, now that there seems to be this decided shift towards Israel. no more taking them on.

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