31 December 2009


Loads going on today. I was informed late last night that the Freedom Marchers in Cairo were planning a huge event this morning, and it has begun. Here's the morning rundown so far: There is a worldwide protest at all Egyptian Embassies today. Info on the one taking place in London is being reported at JewsSansFrontieres
Picket at the Egyptian Embassy
Thursday 31st December
1.00pm – 3.00pm
26 South Street, London, W1K 1DW, off Park Lane, Marble Arch/Hyde Park Corner Underground stations
Also in Canada you can read about that on Facebook here (you must be logged in) Here in Ireland there are various protests and candle light vigils. I'll be attending a small one today as I am driving up to Derry for that event. Will post photos later today.

In Egypt:
the Gaza Freedom Marchers have assembled for a massive protest in Egypt,in what has now become known as "Gaza Square" There has been some trouble with reports of cameras being smashed and a few people beaten and knocked down. You can read about Hedy Epstein here. She is there still going strong. bless. And this tweet made me laugh:
TankaBar: #GFM #GAZA took 3 cops to push one lakota jew down the street. haha "you basterds are lucky im a pacifist and dont know how to fight!"
I love the American Indians,during the Irish famine imposed by Britain millions of Irish died, when Ireland's people were starving and dying, being found dead with grass stains on their mouths, the American Indians sent us corn. They rock!! You can follow him here. This just in:
Gaza Freedom Marchers are discussing spending new years eve on streets of Cairo. Message: end the siege, free Gaza.
In Israel:
Marchers are assembling at the Erez crossing, you can view some photos here. Also if you scroll down you can view photos of what's going on in Egypt as well.