10 December 2009


This report out today really makes me angry. I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who supports, or is associated with, the racist rogue state of Israel. Not until they become human like the rest of us. How on earth can any right minded human being support a rogue state that continually breaks or ignores UN resolutions, is a fully armed nuclear power that hides it’s weapons from inspection and does not sign the Non Proliferation Treaty, commits egregious human rights violations, is a religiously racist state, and has a policy of of murdering and torturing children, and murdering their own citizens? One wonders....And now they commit yet another crime against humanity. The plan? Further reduce the capability of hospitals in Gaza, ensure Palestinians freeze during winter, and enhance the Nazi pogrom of starving them. Hitler must be so proud of his former victims, for they have become the evil they once fought against:
link The only gas and oil terminal on the Gaza border has been shut down leaving thousands of people facing a shortage of gas this winter.

The Nahal Oz terminal has been closed permanently due to ‘security reasons’.

Critics say that the Kerem Shalom does not have the proper infrastructure to meet the area’s cooking gas needs.

Cooking gas is so important to Gaza right now particularly with the siege - we rely on it totally’.

This move has forced local bakeries to close, hospitals to stop its cooking and laundry services and it is threatening families’ abilities to cook and heat their homes in the winter.

To survive Gaza needs 6,000 tonnes of gas per month but after the terminal closed just over 1,600 tonnes were supplied in October and less than 1,000 tonnes in November.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

First, my sweet, you are making a HUGE mistake here. You are thinking as if these creatures of Israel have any decency at all. Nada baby, nada. To these people, everything decent is the opposite within their innermost selves.

Second, this as part of their relentless assault to keep pushing pushing pushing the Palestinians to foment another active rebellion. They are itching for another excuse to go in and offer their Lucifer more holocaust (as in burnt offerings).

I think that by now, if a Jew anywhere on the planet remains indifferent or does not speak out to their own community about these outrages they are guilty by complicity. Being a Jew and protesting with gentiles means nada it seems, not that I do not appreciate the gesture.

Simply because in the cold eyes of these reptilian creatures, they just add the rebel to their hate list and do nothing... yet. But if these people could get other Jews to see... but it ain't gonna happen.

I repeat, this is not just to keep the people cold and hungry, although those are lovely side effects, it is to push them over the edge again. Meanwhile, out in the waters, Israel Egypt and Britain continue to steal gas from Gaza's offshore wealth.

My guy is from Nablus, his old Mom still lives there. And a few other relatives. Besides being homesick as heck sometimes, he has not been able to even phone her for the past few months let alone send her money or gifts. Visiting is, of course, out of the question. I tell him this and he will fret because he cannot learn anything just the worst plague his imagination.

Remember, it may be soon, it may not be for a long time, but this will pass. Do you remember the times in Europe when the Catholic Church and the Papacy ran Europe? It was an awful time. All culture was destroyed, all books were burned, ignorance and superstition and enforced animalism took humanity back centuries and we lost vital information that humanity could well use.

The feudal times. This is where these fluckers want to take us again. It is up to the likes of us to fight and also remember the past because we MUST break this cycle they have us on. The cycle of ignorance. Perhaps, btw, the cavalcades etc heading to Palestine in the next months can highlight this new horror.

BTW, and this is a nightmare I have thought of for awhile and now it comes. Israel is now undertaking the vaccination of all Palestinians for the good of their health. I did a piece on vaccines the other day. Move the genocide up a notch.

Just a note. As you know they are waging a serious war on Americans in terms of genocide also. The life span of the average American has dropped about 10 to 11 years over the past decade due to cancers and such, all given in those vaccines and sit like little time bombs for the right time.

Are they even remotely human? no. They are not. They are true devils and serpents of Satan. I would not be surprised to learn that they hatch rather than give live birth.

Irish4Palestine said...


I agree that people who do nothing are complicit in the continued crimes being committed by Israel and recently the US. As US soldiers are now “assisting” in the siege by working with Egypt under pressure from Israel to build a wall between Egypt and Gaza, thus keeping more of life’s necessities from the already starving people of Palestine.

But I have to differ with you on Jews protesting with us and standing up for the rights of Palestinians. I believe they play a great roll in this struggle. People like Desertpeace and Palestinian Think Tank spring to mind, and of course Noam Chomsky, Uri Avnery and other like them. They are a reminder of what Jews could be like if they abandoned this Nationalistic Racist Religious Movement akin to the Taliban. They have perverted the Jewish religion same as the Christian Zionists have done to Christianity. Hence the referral to the Taliban.

People in Israel need to understand that they are creating the very thing they wish to see end, that is, the ones who “really” do want peace. The rest just say they do, when in fact they are quite happy to keep this going as long as it can. The more Palestinians they kill, displace and steal land from means they get to create what Zionists like to refer to as “facts on the ground”

I don't hate all jews, nor do I hate any entire race or religion. I do hate Zionism and all that goes with it and all who support it and the humanitarian crimes, ethnic cleansing, racist evil policies of Israel.

this could all be over with if they just comply with all those UN resolutions, return to the 67 borders, this is even the position of hamas.

then they can know peace and be accepted into the world as decent humans

Noor al Haqiqa said...

"I think that by now, if a Jew anywhere on the planet remains indifferent or does not speak out to their own community about these outrages they are guilty by complicity. Being a Jew and protesting with gentiles means nada it seems, not that I do not appreciate the gesture."

I think I worded that poorly and you might have misunderstood. I agree there are decent Jews out there. Some of the greatest peace fighters have been or are Jewish and it is only the media that keeps us ignorant of the movements in Israel. Medea Benjamin, Amy Goodman, Benjamin Freedman, Jack Bernstein, Uri Averny, Finklestein, and the many who march in solidarity with those of Bil'in every Friday.

The operative word in my statement was "if". These people deserve great kudos as do the young ones who give up their entire future by refusing to serve. They give up that connective bond of war every Israeli has from the service, which includes business connections, and that blank space on their resume will cost them a lot in the future. Oh did I leave out Vanunu? Ooops, he is Christian.

People that speak out deserve support. Those who do not, are complicit.

I hope that clears it up a little? Our constant hammering away here helps but I don't think things will change with Zionism until they do something SO FULL of hubris and ego, that not only the world, but the mass of Israelis themselves, wake up, smell the coffee, and toss out the garbage.

BTW do you ever read the Comments in Haaretz? Dear lord, It is amazing to read the hatred and vituperation of the average person who responds to articles there.

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