12 December 2009

Tiny News Round Up

1. Israel must be thinking how the vote and democracy sucks:
link The London School of Economics (LSE) will be twinning its union with the Islamic University of Gaza, despite protests from students.

A motion which called for the twinning was carried after 155 students voted in favour and 135 against in a debate organised by the university’s Palestine Society last week.

The decision was made after an appeal by Ben Grabiner, chairman of the LSE Israel Society, to recount the votes following allegations of fraud was rejected.

The Palestine Society argued that twinning the universities would “show solidarity with the students there who have had their campus bombed and their colleagues killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces”.
X FACTOR,,,,Stacy Soloman or Joe McElderry? I'm voting for Joe, here's why. Can't support anyone who supports Israel, not to mention she can't sing:
link Stacy: I’ve been to Israel and absolutely love it. I feel like I’m at home. Being Jewish, you feel like you’re part of the Jewish family.

What’s your favourite part of Israel?
link X-Factor finalist Stacey Solomon this week told the Jewish News that winning the talent show would be the "ultimate Chanukah present" and urged our readers to help her achieve that goal. At the Broadway Theatre in Barking on Tuesday the 20-year-old thanked the Jewish community for its support and said: "If you've got 35p spare, please vote! Winning would be my ultimate Chanukah present."
Vote for Joe (The Guy who actually CAN sing) spend 35p and dial this number for Joe to win 0901 61 611 03


Anonymous said...

great blog--where can we get Irish4Palestine t-shirts?

Irish4Palestine said...

Thanks for the compliment, but there are no t-shirts:)

chuckyman said...

I refuse to watch the Xcretia factor but I did see a sideline on another site recently. When I learned there was a Jew in the shortlist I started betting with work colleagues who wins. The bet is who makes the tea for a week – not for money.

I know its petty but I hope I’m wrong. I would not be surprised - not with Simon Cowell’s lineage.


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