12 December 2009

World Needs More Like Him

Love this story. A man in Switzerland was so outraged that the government passed a law banning the Minaret on top of Mosques, that he decided to build one himself. He did so by extending his chimney and turning it into a "minaret." Now, here's the "awe bless him" moment, the guy is not Muslim, but he did this anyway to protest his government's actions and to send a message of peace to Muslims. Like I said, the world needs more like him:
link A Swiss businessman has built a minaret on his company building in protest of his fellow citizens’ recent referendum decision to ban minarets.

Guillaume Morand, who is not a Muslim, was disgusted by the decision and decided to extend a pre-existing chimney, turning it into a mock minaret. "It was scandalous that the Swiss voted for the ban. Now we have the support of all the far-right
parties across Europe. This is shameful," he said. Mr. Morand put up the minaret
on Tuesday not only to protest the decision but also to send a message of peace.

The recent referendum results came as a surprise to those who had been following
the developments in the situation; opinion polls released just before the
official vote predicted that the motion would fail. However, it passed with 57%
of voters approving the right-wing motion to ban the construction of minarets.

Members of the far-right Swiss People’s Party were responsible for bringing the
issue to a public vote. Their actions were praised by other right-wing parties
across Europe. Mr. Morand believes that Switzerland’s other political parties
are at fault for the ban, for they did not do enough to campaign against the
motion. "They were all against it but they did not explain the issue clearly to
the country," he said.

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realisticbird said...

Wow, that is so noble and nice of him! Some people are extra cool.

Thanks for sharing :D

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