17 December 2009


Here’s a short comment on the continuing meltdown over the war criminal Livni’s arrest warrant. In the Jpost editorial today is a piece titled: “We're all Tzipi Livni.” I find it disgusting they have stolen the phrase “We Are All Palestinians” who are the REAL victims, and attempted to fashion Livni into some poor martyr for Israel, by likening every Israeli as being “Livni.” However, upon reflection I have to say they are actually correct. Because all of them are required to join the IDF and murder people for Israel, so none of them are civilians except for the small children who have not murdered yet. So yes, they are all war criminals, “They Are All Livni”


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I have but one thing to say. Amazing that, isn't it?

Now here, I show the advantage of having a superior vocabulary and a way to wording things with skill and insight.

"See this middle finger, JPost folks? You can be Livni if you wish.

I am proud to support her victims. And lay off the martyrdom of a war criminal, spawn of war criminals, and an ex Mossad assassin of Palestinians, at that. You only look all the more the fools in the eyes of the world."

Anonymous said...

Israel has punched itself into a corner, like most bullies tend to do eventually and at some point, it won't be just one instance here, and another there.

The next time an ex Nazi war criminal is dragged to Israel, we should demand an exchange before handing them over. Livni, etc, for that one Nazi. Tit for tat.

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