17 December 2009


Israel likes to portray itself as a Western Democracy. However on all accounts it fails miserably. You have an inherent lack of equality within the Zionist state, rampant racism, ethnic cleansing, sectarian and religious abuse, censorship and free speech abuses, civil rights abuses, religious fanaticism, a failure to adhere to international law, failure to recognize the Geneva convention or the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty or allow inspections of nuclear facilities. And I won’t even go into the years of war crimes. Even Israel’s reaction to the Goldstone report is un-democratic and totalitarian in nature. A blatant and willful despise and ignoring of any and all laws that could hold the Rogue state accountable to the world’s view of humanity and justice. But today let’s talk about the women in Israel, and during the examples set out below, please bear in mind that both Israel and the USA like to demean and criticize Muslim countries for their treatment of women, whilst all the while ignoring the disgusting backward policies and abuse of women in Israel. Israel is akin to the worst policies of the Taliban where women’s rights are concerned.

Today Seth Freedman writes in the Guardian:
With the gulf between the secular and religious camps in Israel continuing to widen, the issue of gender segregation on public transport has become the latest bone of contention. Activists from both sides are eagerly awaiting a ruling – due at the end of the month – from the minister for transport, whose decision will either bring an end to the forced separation of men and women on state-run buses or enshrine the partition in Israeli law.

ultra-Orthodox passengers have taken the law into their own hands on countless occasions on Egged routes used by both secular and religious Israelis. Regular reports surface of Haredi men using violence and intimidation to force reluctant women to move towards the back of the bus in order to comply with their religious rules – policies which the New Israel Fund has dubbed part of the "increasing Talibanisation of Israeli public life".
So women are sent to the back of the bus, this should sound familiar to Black Americans. But this is not the worst abuse or demeaning treatment of 21st century women in this "Wonderful Modern Western Democracy" called "Israel." They are beaten into towing the line by "modesty terrorist squads" More after this:
link Woman beat, threatened by 'modesty squad.' A Jerusalem woman who left ultra-Orthodox life after her divorce was gagged, beaten by group of self-proclaimed 'chastity guards'

A 31-year-old Jerusalem woman was cruelly beaten and threatened with death by members of the 'modesty squad' who took it upon themselves to interrogate her about her relationships with men. After seizing the woman, the men toppled her to the floor, kicked her repeatedly and then gagged her, warning she would be blinded with mace and stabbed if she dare open her eyes. She was then 'interrogated' by Buzaglo and his ilk, as they tried to force her to disclose the identities of men she had been in contact with. The group, which also hurled profanities at the woman throughout the ordeal, is also accused of threatening to kill the woman if she did not move from her apartment.

The men are also charged with the theft of two cell phones; it is believed the group took the phones with the intent of obtaining the phone numbers of men the woman was seeing. the modesty squad has declared a crusade against violations of Halachic law and what it views as 'unchaste' behavior. According to the indictment, the group has elected to employ intimidation and violence as the means to this end.
This women got off lucky, she was "only" beaten. A young teenager had acid thrown on her for simply wearing "pants" e.g. trousers. Yeah, Israel is a 21st century Democracy, mi arse:
link 'Modesty patrol' suspected of spilling acid on teenage girl A 14-year-old girl from Beitar Illite was taken to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem after an unknown person spilled acid on her face, legs and stomach

“the modesty guards have been threatening her for quite some time.” According to the paramedic the focus of the threats has largely been the victim's 18-year-old sister and some suspect the attacker mistook the younger girl's identity for that of her older sister's. According to Eini at the time of her attack the girl had been wearing loose-fitting long pants and a short-sleeved shirt.
Why do these "modesty Terrorist Gangs" operate? Here's why, the Rabbi's decree that Women must not wear pants, even in the dark, even when alone IN the dark. I say, shaking my head:
link Rabbi Aviner: One of Religious Zionism's most prominent leaders defines trousers as a 'self-prohibition,' says women 'must dress modestly also when alone and in the dark'
I guess that rules out wearing a pair of Pajamas then.....And to think, America supports these lunatics. Message to America: Keep sending them your hard earned tax Dollars, whilst you go jobless and homeless, so they can expand and commit more crimes in your name. Still there is more; Women elected to the Israeli Government are photoshopped out of the official cabinet photo, go ahead and click it to enlarge:
link Two women serve in Israel's new Cabinet, but some Israelis would rather not see them. The daily Yated Neeman digitally changed the photo, moving two male ministers into the places formerly occupied by the women. The weekly Shaa Tova simply blacked the women out, in a photo reprinted Friday by the mainstream daily Maariv.
Israel and America should not talk about the treatment of women in Iran, or by Hamas or the Taliban, not whilst supporting Israel, otherwise it's a case of "Pot-Kettle-Black" as usual...........I'll leave you with a VIDEO of a woman beaten by the "modesty Squad." Send more American Tax Dollars to this rogue lawless undemocratic state so you can continue to support war criminals and racist, sexist scum.

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Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace. Arabs have 99.86% of all ME land and are the second largest land endowed ethnic group on planet earth. 350 million Arabs with 23 nations and 1.3 billion Muslims are psychotically obsessed with 6 million Jews in 1 state on 0.1% of all ME land.

You expect the Jews to simply roll over and die while Islam tramples their corpse? No chance ---I am Irish as well---irish American and your site is a disgrace.

Irish4Palestine said...

@Phony Irish Impersonator:

This is a disgrace. Arabs have 99.86% of all ME land and are the second largest land endowed ethnic group on planet earth. 350 million Arabs with 23 nations and 1.3 billion Muslims are psychotically obsessed with 6 million Jews in 1 state on 0.1% of all ME land.

>>>>>>>>>>>Thy are “obsessed” as you call it, because they are living next to a nuclear armed rogue state. I’d be “obsessed” as well! You would too if you were Muslim and lived next to them with their track record of invading, stealing land and ignoring over 62 UN resolutions, well, all UN resolutions EXCEPT the one that created Israel, that is!

You expect the Jews to simply roll over and die while Islam tramples their corpse? No chance ---

>>>>>>>>>>>>Nice racist statement there, you should congratulate yourself, your bigotry is showing. And as usual, totally misunderstand, as many of you Israel supporters do. People only wish to see Israel be treated equally, not above the law. Return to the 67 borders and get out of Palestine, just like your President claims he wants. This is also the position of the democratically elected Gazan Government as well. So it seems Obama and Hamas want the same thing, Israel whom you support does not want peace.

I am Irish as well---irish American and your site is a disgrace.

>>>>>>>>>>.Well, unfortunately there are Irish racists like you. You have nothing in common with your people on this one. Maybe you should google Michael Martin the Irish Foreign Minister’s recent statement on his refusal by Israel to be allowed inside Gaza to carry out his job. You’re not Irish, you’re an American neocon who most likely voted for “bomb bomb Iran” McCain.

It is YOU who are a disgrace to your Irish Ancestors AND the people of Ireland, you are not Irish.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't help that Israel restricts the movements of all Palestinians, either. Just to go from Ramallah to Jerusalem, a short jaunt, takes hours due to the Israeli checkpoints in the area that they occupy illegally. If Israel were truly a Western democracy, they would get the hell out of Palestine and not treat Arabs like second class citizens, but treat everyone equally.

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